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10 Ways Freelancers can achieve massive success using LinkedIn

Upwork or Fiverr can be too professional for some freelancers, while Instagram and Facebook are too informal. Thus, LinkedIn is the platform that creates balance, moderation, and a fine line between these social apps. It lets you have a space to express who you are and what your brand is all about.

LinkedIn can act as a gold mine for freelancers who wants to one-up their business by landing international clients. First, you have to make a client-driven profile, and you are good to go. But, before starting, here are two main points you need to know in LinkedIn creation:

  1. Profile Optimization:
    This basically means you have to put the keyword in your bio, about us, headline, and posts. Then, by profile optimization, clients will be able to find you in their search bar. With profile optimization, you can even land on Google for other people’s searches.
  2. Engagement:
    An optimized profile helps you to get more clicks, but an engaging profile will land you orders and projects. An engaging and interesting profile acts as a sales copy, a landing page, a portfolio, a CV, and everything the clients want from you. Thus it needs constant management and 10 minutes from your everyday life.

Now, to achieve the most engagement and profile optimization, I have formed the ten ways that can help you achieve massive success using LinkedIn. These points are clear, precise, and worth trying over your profile. Read the article below to get the clients waiting for you.

Profile Photo 

A professional profile photo is the first thing anyone notices in your LinkedIn profile. A study shows that people with professional photos gain 14-21% more clicks than the average profile. There are some tips to make a photo that attracts your clients. 


  • keep the background plain and simple
  • Make sure to look formal or semi-formal 
  • Smile moderately in the photo 
  • keep yourself in the center of the profile photo 


  • Don’t add your children, pets, or any props 
  • Don’t make the photo with vibrant background or risky makeup 
  • Don’t use a low-quality image 

These tricks are pretty helpful in making a solid portfolio image that delivers a compelling message. Let’s see what the next step to profile optimization is. 


Header, banner, or also called the cover photo of your profile, creates an impact of your personality on the clients. Of course, there is a default image on the header, too but if you want to use a custom one, then make sure to follow the tips below:

  • Keep one to two colors on the banner
  • Minimal texture or pattern should be used 
  • Designing should be at the right corner of the banner. 

 A single color banner that represents your brand will do just fine on your LinkedIn profile. Aren’t these steps too easy? Let’s move on to the next one.


 A complete set of information about you, your skill, and your career set you apart from nearly half the LinkedIn profiles. In addition, it builds trust, authority, and professionalism in your portfolio. You need to put the following things in the profile section to achieve massive success using LinkedIn. 

  • Contact info 
  • Degree (current and previous)
  • Work experience (One current, two past experiences)
  • Skill ( at least three skills) 
  • Summary (about yourself)
  • Headline 

These things will help your colleagues to refer you and clients to make their decision. Make sure to write information in a clear and precise manner. Also, include your keyword and job in the Headline and make it captivating.


 Now, this step will help you overall to become a better writer or interestingly portray yourself. These tips will help you to land the clients of your dreams and hook you up on the LinkedIn race. Follow these rigorously or make a checklist for this.

  • Make sure to use your keyword in about us, Headline, and other necessary parts. 
  • Choose a keyword that describes what you do, e.g., Content writer, ghostwriter, graphic designer.
  • Write words that sell your services. 
  • Interest, trust, and quality are the things clients should feel about your profile. 

These things will not only make you successful on LinkedIn but on almost all websites or social media too. I hope you are finding these tips helpful, and they make you achieve success, ranking, and more. 


 Now is the time to impress everyone with your killing portfolio and high-quality services. In the features section of your LinkedIn profile, you can add blogs, links to your image files, and a portfolio that describes the work you have done. Make sure to use this option the right way and put up your best work. 

Your previous work experience matters a lot in landing a client. If you don’t have a past portfolio, then I suggest you do some digging and effort on the skill to make things to portray to clients. E.g.: 

  • Graphic designers can make voluntary logos for small brands etc.

Or you can also read – How to start freelancing without any experience


 Now that you are halfway through the profile optimization, these things will help you learn more about LinkedIn. Take notes of the steps below and make sure to keep a check on them from time to time. 

  • Keep profile appearances: This will let you know what post is doing good or whether clients like your profile or not.
  • Public Profile: Make sure to change the setting to public profile for a better reach 
  • Continue updating: Update your profile every three months, and add relevant data and information to attract clients. 

 We have covered everything technical about LinkedIn, so it’s time to move the ways to our daily base. All the above steps are mandatory but less frequent; they are mostly a one-time thing. But we are moving toward the things you have to follow daily to achieve massive success through LinkedIn. 


 Post every kind of content related to your niche and profession. You can make the content informational, engaging or heartfelt but upload it daily. Only 5 minutes of LinkedIn content can set you apart from major competitors’ profiles. Here are some ideas for the content: 

  • Short heartfelt stories
  • Photos that describe your services
  • Posts about organization, routine, or motivation
  • Motivational quotes
  • Meme about work and profession ( be respectful)
  • A question or quiz  

These posts are incredible not only to work on LinkedIn but also on other platforms as well. They help you with growth, attract audience and keep your work in a flow.


Now, this is the gem, the diamond of LinkedIn profile optimization and marketing. Connection is one thing that makes or breaks your profile. They are proof of your work, ethics, behavior, personality, authority, and everything. So, follow the things below to make connections that last for the long term and grow your personal brand. 

  • Follow people within your field/career
  • Follow people who want your services
  • Join groups and post in them
  • Post content and tag other users
  • Engage on everyone’s post to make them notice you 

You can also promote your LinkedIn profile to other social media apps for organic traffic. Or use keywords with less competition, so your posts show on Google too. I hope these things will help to boost your profile and services.


You know what to do and what not to do on LinkedIn. So, here I am suggesting a set of tools to portray the profile better, more interesting, and engaging. These apps will help you with posting, making content, organization, and enhancing your personal branding. 

  • Grammarly: You can download a Grammarly extension it will help you with correcting small grammar mistakes. Makes the sentence structure more clear, precise, and understandable.
  • Canva: This online website or app lets you create images by the drag and drop method. You can create logos, branding photos, quotes, or anything you want. The possibility is endless with this. 
  • Notepad: This lets you organize the posts and upcoming content in your cell. From notes, you won’t have to worry about creating fresh content every day; just spend an hour or two on the creation, and you are good to go. 


Accept it or not but every freelancer is portraying a personal brand that consists of their services, courses, or skill. So, you have to portray it well. Personal branding is an important thing that gets the attention of the client; it includes everything from your profile photo to content and how you engage with other people. 

You have to put effort into everything, and LinkedIn helps you do that. As a result, freelancers with LinkedIn have more chances of getting a job than those who don’t take time for branding. Thus, take every action with the intent to brand yourself and show yourself as a capable business that is willing to cross mountains for content that matters. 

 I hope this article helped you in understanding LinkedIn and how freelancers can get their hands on successful jobs through it. The algorithm of LinkedIn is a lot more private than any other social app, so you have given attention to everything. Also, work smart and be kind. Happy freelancing



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