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12 Incomes Streams That will make you a millionaire

Money cannot buy happiness is always said by the person who has the most money in the room. But money can buy happiness, luxury, people, desires, and much you need enough of it. And everybody wants to have enough money for a fancy and top-notch lifestyle. So, if you want one too, then you came to the right place.

I do give tried and tested money-making ideas that have helped me over the years to build a pretty fascinating lifestyle. In this article, you will find 14 ways to make money right and be a millionaire in no time. Just have a bit of patience and maximize your income potential.

12 passive income ideas in 2022

These passive income ideas may require a bit of time in the beginning. But, once you set them, they will make a fortune for your daily living and upgrade your lifestyle. So, let’s see what passive income stream is the best for you.

Affiliate marketing

Marketing is the new norm and trend in today’s world. Every business learns and grows on its marketing value and strong target audience. Thus, affiliate marketing is an essential part of every business.

In the Affiliate market, you promote or sell products and services by other businesses and gain a commission. Affiliate marketing is easy if you already have a present brand, website, or youtube channel.

But, if you are not connected to these things, then you should do branding in a specific niche and then reach out to every business in that niche. For example, if your target audience is people who use makeup, then your affiliate brand should be Fenty beauty, Nars, or any other makeup brand.


Internet is the new genie; it provides the answer to every question and solution to every home task. Thus, blogging and websites help you generate a passive income by fulfilling the needs of people and helping them.

All you have to do is be consistent with blog writing for at least three months, and you are good to go. Buy a domain in your specific niche and develop the website; you will build an audience in three months of uploading articles and blog posts.

This audience can help you create a passive income by reading articles, views, affiliate marketing, or buying products.


Another income stream to help you make millions without making much effort is selling e-books. You can hire writers to ghostwrite several e-books at once or create one at a time to manage and analyze trends and interesting topics.

But, overall, E-books are way more reliable when it comes to passive incomes. People love to read online nowadays. Thus, e-books are more handy, comprehensive, and engaging content to absorb throughout the day.

You can also sell an e-book on your social profiles, kindle or blogs, and YouTube channels. It only requires effort in writing and marketing, but once your name creates recognized by readers. Then, you can be the next JK rowling too!


Everybody contains a special skill, talent, and interest. Selling courses is one of the things to generate your million. By selling course, you can create a company or organization that manages a specific niche in your interest.

You can also become an advisor for the people and help them with their problematic tasks. After the pandemic, People love to take classes online. So, make a profile at udemy or a channel on youtube and sell the information you are holding on to.

This passive income only required a good set of communication skills for engaging videos and a bit of marketing.

Social Apps

Facebook was the revolution for the internet, socializing, and marketing. And you can be that revolution too! You can develop an app yourself or hire a team to give birth to your amazing ideas.

Create an app that is practical, functional, and helps people to solve their problems. There you go, social apps can create lifetime passive income streams and make millions every year.

You can make money when people download your app and review them by placing ads or even by putting up a paid subscription. Isn’t it a foolproof idea?

Rent out car

Renting out your car, property, or another product is a great hassle-free way to earn pennies and multiply them eventually. For example, you can buy a car with a loan and rent it out on weekends or every day.

This way, you can save money for yourself and pay the car loan with the profit too. Some people also talk to “rent shops” specifically made for cars; this way, your task becomes easier and smoother, but your commission will be split between two people.

But, time is money, and if this step saves time, then you are not losing anyway.


Have you seen all the billboards around the road and stations you work? Well, the news is, they make money. Yup, all of the ads on social media, websites, apps, and boards you come across add a penny to someone’s pocket.

And it can be in your pocket too! You can place an advertisement on your blog, youtube, or social media account. But to make fast money, you can also go for a big investment and buy the place billboards and televisions.

Then, they can pay you back and generate a passive stream in no time. So, what are you waiting for?

Stock market

Every billionaire is on the market, futures trading, or crypto. I hope you have heard that money makes money, and let me assure you that it is absolutely true! Invested money can yield high-profit income and a passive stream to make you a millionaire.

It can fulfill your dreams with a bit of knowledge, patience, and investment. You can learn everything online about the stock market, trading options, and how it works.

You can also learn to study charts and graphs to make up the decisions or hire a financial advisor on a bit of commission. The stock market can get risky at first, but with time, it is highly trustable and comes naturally.

Stock photos

This is one of the few passive incomes that need little to no skills or time at all. Hire a photographer and make some dope photos of products, things, or general themes all around you. These photos should be elegant, classy, and of high quality.

Now, you can sell these photos on stock websites and to people who do blogging. You can also make logos and templates that are eye-catching and engaging to sell on different websites or accounts.

non-fungible token

Everybody has heard about the non-fungible token and the variety of artwork it is creating. It is probably the fastest money-making routine in 2022 because of the high trend.

You can convert any content, either post, photo, or video, into a non-fungible token. This nft will be solely owned by you, and then you can sell your artwork to other people. Some people buy nft as collectibles, and others buy them for their branding purposes.

So, brainstorm ideas and make a unique and popping image right now to make millions of dollars.

Social media influencer

You have seen the fame of Olivia Rodrigo and khaby lame; both of them came from the world of social media. Nowadays, people don’t see portfolios or CVs; They judge others by their profiles, talents, posts, and followers.

It does have its own negative impact, but you can use the positive aspect to your advantage. Make a niche account and spend some time gaining an audience on your profile. Followers, supporters, or audience, whatever you may call them, is the key to social media. You influence these people and help them make life choices, whether it’s fashion, home d├ęcor, fitness, or recipes; your niche can be anything.

When you are done with creating an authentic community, brands will hire you as a model or marketing partner. You can even run social media managing companies or PR talents hub organizations.

Invest in business

Managing a business is not everyone’s cup of tea; it requires financial literacy and a personal schedule. But, investment can be made by everyone who has money.

Thus, you can see a business around you that yields profit or consult with friends who want to own a business. Lend them your money and sit back to relax.

You can get millions of dollars by this passive stream only if you invest enough in the business. This experience can also teach you one or two things about business if you want to make one for yourself.

That’s all, folks! Being a millionaire is a bit hard with only passive streams, but it is not impossible. Just relax a bit and have patience. All of the above-mentioned ways of streams can make you millions of dollars but meanwhile, try to expand your streams as much as possible and give them the time, attention, and investment your life needs. Follow for more blog posts.



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