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15 Things to do instead of Scrolling Through your Phone

Cell phones have their advantages and disadvantages. According to research, an average American spends almost a month out of his year scrolling through his phone. You might think you’re definitely not someone who falls into that category, but trust me; we’re all in there somewhere.

Now I’m not here telling you to throw your phone away. I’m here to tell you, maybe cut short the time you use it. And I know not much comes to mind when you think of doing something that doesn’t involve a screen. This is why I’m here today with a list of 15 things you can do instead of scrolling through your smartphone.

Make a to-do list

Scrolling through your phone can be a distraction, habit, or a loophole that prevents you from doing the chores. So, you can start your day by making a to-do list and checking off every box when you are done.

To-do lists are here from long ago; they provide you with a sense of achievement and satisfaction. To-do lists on the phone or in a notebook are also a way to remind you that your life exists outside social media scrolling. You can get your life back together and feel control over everything.

De-clutter your phone

We use social media all the time, take photos, and whatnot. But, none of us find the time to store or let go of the things on our phones. So, this is the time when you open your gallery and delete all the photos that are useless, unfollowing the pages that make you depressed or give you anxiety.

De-cluttering will also help to manage the feeling of mess all around you. You will be more controlled over the environment and of the things you consume. This decision will lead to less stressful and emotional breakouts.

Call or meet a friend.

Remember the friend you wanted to text for so long? Well, it’s time. But not for a text; dial her number immediately and tell them all about you. Listen to their stories as well and have a full heart conversation.

Time never stops for anyone, and it is not going to stop for your friends or family either. You have a chance to limit your social media usage right now and talk to someone you love. Also, there is a chance that your friend might need an ear to listen.

Start journaling

Journaling is a great way to put out thoughts and deal with anxiety, complex thoughts, and feelings. Some people also do gratitude journaling to remind themselves of all the good in the world. So, before sleeping, you can write a journal and reflect on your day.

List the entire thing you like about the day and the things you want to let go of. I have started journaling in 2022, and it is going so well for me it gives you the time to be creative, reflective and thoughtful.

Make a meal

Happiness comes from food, but it’s not all about eating every time. There is calm and chaos during the time of cooking. Your meal is on the stove. You are on a clock, but you are present with your mind, body, and feelings.

Cooking can make you more grounded and feel closer to the roots. Thus, cooking yourself a tasty meal will always be a good option. It also adds a useful skill in your CV or make you an option for monetizing.

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Spend a phone-less day

We take our phones everywhere we go, but in these seven days, you can spend one day without a phone. You will realize there is more to life than scrolling around on YouTube or TikTok.

You can learn a lot through observation, interaction, and the environment in general. Thus, spending a phoneless day once a week is beneficial for health and mindset. There is a high chance that you will discover a favorite spot, comfort café or food around your town on the phoneless day.

Organize your closet

Clothes are one thing you have to use daily, and they become messier every day too. So, put your phone away and open that closet. Take the messy clothes out and organize them by color or coordinate them according to the week and your needs.

Doing this simplest of chores will make you feel more composed, controlled, and happy in your life. Organizing the closet is the kind of favor you owe to your future self, it will help you in getting ready and finding the stuff on time.

Make plans

I love to do the planning every week; it’s therapeutic, keeps me scheduled, and more. So, if you find yourself scrolling unnecessary on your phone, then open the notes and organize them.

Make plans for the upcoming days, events, or venture you want to begin. Read the plans daily so you can keep track of your success. You can also write daily affirmations in the planning process to keep yourself from breaking out.

Start writing

If you are addicted to your phone or a screen, then you can do much more instead of scrolling for the whole day. Open google docs on your cellphone or laptop and put out your thoughts. Writing daily will improve your vocabulary, skill, and communication.

It can help your express your thoughts well or also give you a chance to change your perception. Personally, I love to write, and whenever I find myself tired of scrolling, writing is my go-to option. Writing is pretty useful skill to make you money and a good lifestyle.

Watch podcasts

Podcasts about education, self-help, or thought-provoking discussion provide more benefit to you than scrolling on Instagram. Watching or listening to a podcast can actually do you more well and helps to form your opinions and set boundaries.

You can also clean your room while listening to all the things on AirPods as well. You can always have conversation starters and interesting opinions on nearly everyone too!

Read researches

Reading adds value to your life and thoughts. Thus, reading research, journal articles, or problems around the world gives you much more realistic content to absorb than flashy Instagram.

You can read research about your academic and its latest advancements as well. But, don’t read messages and posts of your Instagram influencers only as they can be repetitive, shallow, and useless.


Do you want to do some exercise? But, with your brain? Doodling is the answer. Pick up a book right now and search for a pen. There you go; you are all set to draw everything that is present in your mind. Have trouble forgetting about your newsfeed?

You can also doodle that in your notebook. Doodling is a great way to express your perception in terms of art. Classes of doodling, sketching and calligraphy are also found on YouTube for free.

Learn a skill

Addiction to phones is real, but you don’t have to use this addiction in an utterly meaningless way. So, convert this habit of your to your own advantage and learn from your cellphone. For learning a skill, you have to just follow the things below.

You can follow pages on Facebook and Instagram about a certain skill or watch YouTube videos about it. Isn’t it a hack to polish your skills and learn new while using the phone? This is definitely the wisest way to learn.

Find freelancing options

Everybody contains a skill or specialization in which they are good. So, if you find yourself scrolling at meaningless hours, then you should start freelancing. Create an account on Upwork or Fiverr and scroll through them to find your client.

Freelancing is easy, but you need to be consistent with it. With the right set of skills and communication, you will take no time to find the first client. Or you can also be a middle men and take commission for finding clients to everyone else.

  1. Meditate

Do you feel tired and overwhelmed by all the social media posts? Consuming all the information in such low time can make you a bit emotional. But, the good thing is you can manage that feeling and clear your head by taking a break from your mobile screen and doing yoga.

Meditation or exercise is effective in soothing the nerves and helps you be present and more active in life. Meditation can also help to balance hormone and produce a more effective lifestyle.

, In February 2022the sleep and meditation app was the second most download app among US users. So, you know it’s effective and useful to meditate instead of scrolling through the phone all-day.

These will not only help you to stop scrolling but also provide added benefit in your life. Visualization is charming and attracting but it does get to your head. So, take care of yourself and your mental health by putting the down for a while.



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