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20 Online Business Ideas to Start Anytime and Anywhere

photo of bulb artwork Do you imagine yourself as an entrepreneur of a business? Don’t worry; we got you. Here are 20 online business ideas to start anytime anywhere!

The expansion of e-commerce has resulted in the emergence of so many different online business structures; there certainly is something for everyone from which they can benefit.

Want to see which business idea will best fit you? Continue reading to find out!

20 Online Business Ideas to Start  anytime, anywhere

The world of E-Commerce has evolved throughout the years. With the rise of the pandemic since 2020, the world has shifted its interest and focus on the online marketing platform. Marketing as the whole world has shifted towards the net or the online digital platform from stores, marts, malls, and retail outlets.

Now with everyone having access to the net through laptops, tablets, and phones, anyone can be an entrepreneur. Through this, everyone has an opportunity to attain the position of being their boss, rather than being salaried from their 9 to 5 jobs. They can choose their timings to work at and the comfort of their location. So, to the online users reading this, let’s look at the list of online business ideas for beginners.

Be The Host of Your Own Virtual Class

black flat screen tv turned on near green plant

With the pandemic lockdown, there are limitations and restrictions on outdoor entertainment like going to the movies, dining, shopping, or going to school. Why not utilize your talent or a skill you can offer that people would love to learn in your virtual classroom. It can be;

  • Baking classes
  • Academic Seminars
  • Gaming sessions
  • Digital Marketing/Trade and Finance Workshops

Start Your Clothing Line 

assorted color dress shirt lot on clothes hangers

Fashion is an everyday trend, and with the right plan and execution, you can be printing money. Online shopping stores have a huge demand these days. Why? The first is obvious: the pandemic lockdown, and the second saves the hassle of choosing what to buy. Suppose you have social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook or are connected to product sourcing apps like Shopify, Macari, or Poshmark. In that case, you will already be connected to printing apparel workshops to produce your specific clothing line.

Online Teaching 

macbook pro displaying group of people

With the pandemic lockdown, all educational institutions are conducting their classes online. Why not go beyond? Qualified teachers or even students with a standardized educational background earn a good amount of money teaching students through Virtual Classrooms like Zoom or Google Classroom.

Supply & Delivery Services

man in red polo shirt sitting on red car

Suppose you have enough free time and can do a suitable mode of transportation, an initiation of a courier service where you can be responsible for transporting products from one location to another, for pharmaceutical companies, supermarkets, or even private delivery for households that can earn you some extra bucks.

Develop Your Product

Anyone can be an entrepreneur. Anyone can have their venture, and with the help of online social media platforms, you can engage your product anywhere. Companies manufacture products knowing their target audience and their demand. To learn more about this, individuals can always look for top online business ideas for beginners to understand how to continue this line of work.

Online Content/Copywriting Services 

person using macbook pro on black table

If you are fluent and proactive in the English language and have good writing skills, freelance content/copywriting is the activity for you to pick up. The world of digital marketing is the future of people’s earnings. You can sign up with Fiverr or Upwork and get potential clients who require specific content-related work to be done and will pay you by the word or hour.

Sell Your Art Online 

If you’re an artist, you should consider selling your work on the internet. The internet is an excellent place to connect with fans and sell your work if you’re a painter, sculptor, or musician. You can sell your art through a custom digital storefront or an e-commerce marketplace. With the rise of NFTs, you can also create, market, and sell creative digital assets, which can generate good money if they become mainstream.

Podcasts Are the New Talk Shows

two black headphones on brown wooden table

Podcasts are top-rated right now, and with the world going completely online, good fortune can strike you. A podcast, for those unfamiliar, is a type of talk show typically delivered in audio format. Why not start a podcast about a topic you are particularly passionate about or have expertise with? You can use sponsored ads to monetize podcasts.

Sell Your Handcrafted Items

person holding bird wood craft

Product innovations or customized products are currently very trendy today. Apparel, wall hangings like home decor, kitchen gadgets, greeting cards, and mugs are some hot products that can be made to order. Items that you can modify are popular with both consumers and marketers. Such things can be sold online via an Online business ecommerce platform or shipped to customers via B2C e-commerce platforms.

App Development

black flat screen computer monitor

Other online businesses you can start in 2022 include app and software development. The key to a successful in-app and software development is to create something that generates income, save on, or is designed to streamline tasks to save time. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) commercial enterprises are also famous in the B2B. Some popular SaaS examples include bookkeeping, information and communication software, lead software solutions, and white-label hosting.

Dropshipping Store

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Dropshipping is a good web business for people who don’t have much money to invest since it doesn’t require you to keep a lot of inventory. This entails selling products through a digital storefront and contracting out inventory management and order fulfillment to a third party. Many hopeful entrepreneurs find this model appealing because it has low overhead and is simple to start and scale.


person reading a book with hands on top of book

Knowing more than one language can provide you with financial benefits. If fluent and proactive in any language, you can use your skillset to translate content, conversations, curriculum vitae, publications, and even online meetings. As you gain experience, you can charge by the hour or by the project. With a laptop and internet access, you can be well on your way to starting an online translation business.

Sell On Any Marketplace

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You can sell anything you want online, let it be your belongings or any product you have no use for, such as phones, sofas, jackets, paintings, etc. You have social media marketplaces where you can put your ads like Facebook, Instagram, eBay, and OLX.

Handle Social Media For Brands 

Managing and handling social media accounts effectively is a skill. Consider becoming a social media manager or a brand consultant if you have the skill sets. Through this, you would oversee a company’s online social presence, developing its social marketing strategy, managing campaigns, and other related tasks. If luck hits you well and a good brand hires you to write blogs or update the daily feed, expect good money.

Affiliate Marketing 

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Affiliate marketing is when you endorse a service or product to your email list, website, or other channels by sharing it on a blog or social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Each time someone converts using your affiliate links or code, you earn a commission.

Have Your Website 

person using MacBook Pro

If you are looking to start your own business, it is essential to have your website. Like every other process in website building, you need to come up with a name that can attain by using a title generator. Then purchase a domain upon which you will build your website, which you can buy from Shopify.

Become An Influencer 

woman in black long sleeve shirt holding white smartphone

Do you know one thing about social media? Everyone is connected, and it takes nothing for you to be famous. Through Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter, many celebrities have become through vlogging, photography, acting, achievements, and so much more. The best part is that you can get paid for having social media views. Kendall Jenner makes $611,000 on Insta per post with 116 Million dollars.

SEO & Graphic Designing 

silver imac on white table

The future of this world is digital marketing because it is so diverse, and it is easy for people to get jobs. Keyword generating and link building, which all come under SEO, is high in demand on the market and is a skill you can learn with online courses. Graphic designing is one of the most demanded jobs in the multimedia industry, and you can connect to many projects through online sources. This is one of the best online business ideas for beginners. time and energy with a good return

Publish An Ebook

There are now numerous options for successful self-publishing your work, whether a sci-fi storybook, a brand management guide, or a graphic novel. Maybe you can be one of the bestsellers online with a good publication. This way, you can publish your ideas or narration through E-Books as people now read online today.

Fitness Trainer 

person in gray shirt holding black dumbbell

Why go to the gym and hire a workout trainer? Why not train at home? If you are an athlete or have good tips you can provide for fitness training and health, put them to good use. Fitness trainers make a lot of money online by selling memberships, fit-bit apps, and eBooks. If you’re naturally athletic, starting an online fitness program could be fun!



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