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2022’s Complete List of All NBA Team Owners

Here is an up-to-date list of NBA franchise owners in 2022.

Ressler, Tony (Atlanta Hawks)


Tony Ressler is the President and CEO of the Atlanta Hawks, which he and his company purchased in June 2015. He is also the Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Ares Management L.P., a publicly traded worldwide management firm that controls many Atlanta-based businesses, including Floor & Décor Outlets of America, Inc. and Insight Global.

Grousbeck, Irving H. (Boston Celtics)


  1. Irving Grousbeck is the Boston Celtics’ Managing Partner and an Executive Committee Member. Mr. Grousbeck attended Harvard Business School and Amherst College, where he received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree in 2022. He co-founded Stanford University’s Center for Entrepreneurial Studies before becoming a Consulting Professor of Management there.


Grousbeck, Wycliffe (Boston Celtics)


Wycliffe Grousbeck has been the Governor, Managing Partner, and CEO of the Bolton Celtics since envisioning the acquisition of the team, following which he founded the new ownership company, which he termed “Banner 17 LLC,” near the end of 2002. The moniker represented his major goal: to win the Celtics’ 17th World Championship, which they did in 2008 when they defeated the Los Angeles Lakers and became champions for the first time since 1986.


Pagliuca, Steve (Boston Celtics)


Stephen Pagliuca, Managing Partner and Chairman of the Boston Celtics’ Basketball Committee, wants to strengthen the Celtics’ basketball operations. In addition, he serves on the NBA Board of Governors and the NBA Competition Committee.. At the same time, he is a managing director at Bain Capital, where he has helped expand the company into a major worldwide private equity firm with a capitalization of over $80 billion.


Jordan, Michael (Charlotte Hornets)


Michael Jordan, a great former basketball player, has been a key stakeholder of the Charlotte Hornets since 2010 – twenty-two years after the organisation was founded as an expansion team by George Shinn. Jordan paid $180 million for the Hornets, who are presently valued at over $1.3 billion by Forbes, and controls approximately 97 percent of the club stock.


Reinsdorf, Jerry (Chicago Bulls)


For the last thirty years, Jerry Reinsdorf has led the Chicago Bulls and White Sox, transforming the organisation into a thriving operation with six NBA championships to his credit. He is most known for moving the Bulls from Chicago Stadium to the United Center and for employing Michael Jordan as a baseball player while on a self-imposed hoops hiatus.


Usher, Dan Gilbert, Gary Gilbert, Gordon Gund (Cleveland Cavaliers)


Dan Gilbert, an American businessman and philanthropist, is one of the owners of the Cleveland Cavaliers, as well as the American Hockey League’s Cleveland Monsters and the NBA G League’s Canton Charge. Gary Gilbert.Gary Gilbert, his brother, and former San Jose Sharks (National Hockey League) co-owner Gordon Gunda, as well as music sensation Usher, are all co-owners.


Cuban, Mark (Dallas Mavericks)


Mark Cuban is an American businessman who owns the Dallas Mavericks, 2029 Entertainment, and AXS TV. He is most known for his appearance on ABC’s reality TV show Shark Tank, where he is one of the primary “shark” investors. Cuban, now 60, bought the Mavericks for $280 million in 2000, not for money, but for his love of basketball.

Kroenke, Stan (Denver Nuggets)


Enos Stanley, an American millionaire, owns the Denver Nuggets as well as numerous other sports clubs, notably Arsenal of the English Premier League.Enos Stanley, an American millionaire, owns the Denver Nuggets as well as numerous other sports clubs, including Arsenal of the English Premier League, the Los Angeles Rams of the NFL, and the Colorado Avalanche of the NHL. Kroenke’s net worth was estimated to be approximately $8.5 billion by Forbes in 2018. On paper, however, Stanley’s wife, Ann, owns the Nuggets, in accordance with NFL ownership regulations that restrict club owners from owning other teams in other areas.

Gores, Tom (Detroit Pistons)


Before becoming the owner of the Detroit Pistons in 2011, Tom Gores owned Platinum Equity, a California-based private equity corporation. By 2015, he has become the team’s sole owner. Gores’ current net worth is estimated to be approximately $4.1 billion, according to Forbes’ 2019 400 list.


Joseph Howard Lacob, Steven Lacob Guber, Peter (Golden State Warriors)


The main owner of the Golden State Warriors is Joseph Steven Lacob, a partner of the American venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins. Lacob sparked controversy when he said his club was “light years” ahead of the other 2015-2016 NBA teams. The Warriors are co-owned by entrepreneur Howard Peter Guber, who also serves as the Chairman and CEO of Mandalay Entertainment.

Tilman Fertitta, Joseph (Houston Rockets)


Tilman While serving as chairman of the University of Houston System’s board of regents, Joseph Fertitta acquired the Houston Rockets for $2.2 billion in 2017.He is also the chairman, CEO, and sole owner of Landry’s Inc., one of America’s largest restaurant organisations. According to Forbes, he is the world’s wealthiest restaurateur, with a net worth of $4.5 billion.


Simon, Herbert (Indiana Pacers)


Herbert Simon is a real estate developer who bought the Indiana Pacers in 1983 from Sam Nassi and Frank Mariani. Mel, his now-deceased brother, was also a co-owner of the team. Aside from the Pacers, Simon is the owner of two additional sports teams: the WNBA’s Indiana Fever and the USL’s Reno 1868 FC. He also controls the American book review journal Kirkus Reviews and is the emeritus chairman of mall developer Simon Property Group.


Ballmer, Steve (Los Angeles Clippers)


The Los Angeles Clippers are chaired by Steve Ballmer, creator of USAFacts, Ballmer Group co-founder, and former Microsoft CEO. By his sixth year as a Clippers large investor, Ballmer had a 250-160 (.610) record. He is noted for his passionate love for the sport and his team, his ambition to achieve on-court success, his genuine affection for the fans, and, of course, his commercial acumen to manage a profitable franchise.


Buss, Jeanie Marie (Los Angeles Lakers)


The Los Angeles Lakers’ president and controlling owner is Jeanie Marie Buss. She is the daughter of real estate mogul Jerry Buss, who controlled a number of sports enterprises, notably the Los Angeles Lakers. Jeanie Marie began working in the family company at the age of 19 as the general manager of the professional tennis team Los Angeles Strings. She assumed control of the Lakers after her father died in 2013, leaving the team to her and her five siblings.


Pera, Robert J. (Los Angeles Lakers)


Robert J. Pera, the creator of worldwide communications technology behemoth Ubiquiti Networks, Inc., also owns the Memphis Grizzlies, which he acquired in October 2012. Today, at the age of 36, he is one of the world’s ten youngest billionaires, according to Forbes. Pera began amassing riches while working at Apple, which he quit in 2005 to pursue his business ambitions, which included pioneering wi-fi technologies.

Arison, Micky (Miami Heat)


Since 1995, Micky Arison has been the owner of the world’s largest cruise line, Carnival Corporation, as well as the Miami Heat sports team. Arison is well known for hiring Pat Riley, who led the Heat from being an NBA joke to becoming a perennial playoff contender and winner in the NBA Finals in 2006, 2012, and 2013.

Lasry, Marc (Milwaukee Bucks)


Marc Lasry (born September 30, 1959) is a billionaire, hedge fund manager, and politician from Wisconsin who co-owns the Milwaukee Bucks. Lasry is also the Chairman, CEO, and Co-Founder of Avenue Capital Group, a worldwide investment business that was created in 1995 and manages more than $13 billion in assets. The Bucks are also owned by Wesley Robert Edens, an American businessman and private equity investor who bought the team from former Senator Herb Kohl for $550 million.

Taylor, Glen (Minnesota Timberwolves)


Glen A. Taylor has a controlling stake in the Minnesota Timberwolves, which he bought in 1994. In 2000, he covertly signed Joe Smith and was suspended for nearly a year for breaking the NBA’s pay cap. People spoke about his owning the Minnesota Vikings and being outbid by Zygi Wild five years later. Taylor bought the Iowa Energy of the NBA Development League, subsequently known as the NBA G League, and renamed them the Iowa Wolves.

Benson, Gayle Marie LaJaunie Bird (New Orleans Pelicans)


Gayle Marie LaJaunie Bird Benson is the wife of Tom Benson, the former owner of the New Orleans Pelicans. Following her husband’s death, she also became the primary owner of the New Orleans Saints (NFL). Benson is the first woman to possess a majority stake in an NBA or NFL team. Her late husband emailed his daughter and two grandsons in 2014, saying he didn’t want to hear from them again. Gayle Benson became his heir after he died.


Dolan, James (New York Knicks)


The Madison Square Garden Company’s executive chairman and CEO is James Dolan, as is MSG Networks’ executive chairman. He oversees all operations for these enterprises, as well as owning and managing the New York Knicks on a daily basis. Dolan was the CEO of Cablevision prior to its sale in June 2016.

Bennett, Clay (Oklahoma City Thunder)


Clayton Bennett, an American businessman, chairs the Oklahoma City Thunder NBI team, formerly known as the Seattle SuperSonics. He is also the chairman of Oklahoma City’s Dorchester Capital Corporation and the Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma, as well as the chairman emeritus of the Oklahoma Heritage Association’s board of directors.

Sr. Richard DeVos (Orlando Magic)


The Orlando Magic, once owned by Amway co-founder Richard Devos Sr., is now controlled by the descendants of the late patriarch. Devos Sr. was rated the 60th richest man in the United States and the 205th richest man in the world by Forbes in 2012, with a $5.1 billion estimated net worth. He was also a minority owner of the Chicago Cubs and a majority owner of the Orlando Magic.

Blitzer, Harris (Philadelphia 76ers)


The Philadelphia 76ers are owned by Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment, a sports and entertainment corporation located in American New Jersey that also owns the New Jersey Devils (NHL) and various other sports and entertainment companies. The 76ers united Team Dignitas and Apex Gaming under the Dignitas umbrella in 2016, becoming the first-ever eSports team owned by a North American professional sports team.

Sarver, Robert (Phoenix Suns)


Robert Sarver, a lifetime sports fan, owns the Phoenix Suns club through real estate behemoth Southwest Value Partners, a venture that began following a chat with University of Arizona basketball coach Lute Olson. Sarver then spoke with former Arizona player and 15-year NBA veteran Steve Kerr, and the real estate mogul ended up buying the Suns for $401 million in 2004, a record amount at the time.

Allen, Paul (Portland Trail Blazers)


In the previous three decades, the Portland Trail Blazers have had only one owner: entrepreneur and philanthropist Paul Allen. The Trail Blazers have reached heights not seen by many NBA teams throughout Allen’s tenure. The Trail Blazers reached the NBA Finals in just one season after acquiring the team from Larry Weinberg, and they returned to the championship round in just two years. Aside from the Trail Blazers, Allen owns the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League and is a minority owner of the Seattle Sounders FC (MLS).

Ranadivé, Vivek (Sacramento Kings)


Vivek Yeshwant Ranadivé is an Indian-American businessman and co-owner of the Sacramento Kings. He is the founder and former CEO of TIBCO and Teknekron Software Systems, both of which specialise in real-time computing. Before he could buy the franchise in 2013, Ranadivé had to give up his stake in the Golden State Warriors. In the same year, he and his partners agreed to acquire 65% of the Kings from the Maloofs for $348 million. He is most known for a suggested style of play in which he intended to maintain one player on offensive at all times while playing 4-on-5 defence on the other end.

Holt, Peter (San Antonio Spurs)


The San Antonio Spurs are led by Peter Holt, the former CEO of America’s largest Caterpillar dealership. Holt is the owner of Spurs Sports & Entertainment, which owns the NBA club as well as other sports teams such as the San Antonio FC (USL) and the San Antonio Rampage (AHL).Holt purchased the Spurs in 1993 in order to keep the club in San Antonio. Holt retired in 2016, and his Julianna took his place.


Tanenbaum, Larry (Toronto Raptors)


Larry Tanenbaum is best known as the head of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, which owns a number of major league sports franchises, notably the Toronto Raptors. He is also interested in banking and building, as well as philanthropy. He is presently the chairman and CEO of Kilmer Van Nostrand Co. Limited, a private investment holding business that he successfully directed into a flexible civil engineering construction corporation. He is also on the boards of Mt. Sinai Hospital and the worldwide child empowerment non-profit Right to Play.


Miller, Gail (Utah Jazz)


Gail Miller is the widow of Larry H. Miller, a former part-owner of the Utah Jazz who finally purchased sole ownership of the organisation in 1986. Gail Miller took over ownership when her husband died in 2009, and she revealed in 2017 that she had placed ownership of the Utah Jazz and Vivint Smart Home Arena in a Legacy Trust in order to keep the franchise in Utah.

Leonsis, Ted (Washington Wizards)


Ted Leonsis, an American businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist, filmmaker, and former politician, became the majority owner of the Washington Wizards in June 2010 as the founding chairman and CEO of Monumental Sports & Entertainment. The Wizards were owned by the former top executive of America Online for 46 years, the longest tenure in the league’s history.


Tsai, Joseph (Brooklyn Nets)


The co-founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group, the world’s largest e-commerce platform, is Joseph Tsai. He formerly worked as a managing director at Goldman Sachs and as an investment banker at Lehman Brothers.


As the Brooklyn Nets approach their third season in the NBA, Tsai hopes to build on the team’s illustrious heritage. In each of their first two seasons, the Nets made the playoffs, but were ousted in the first round by the New York Knicks.


Lacob, Joe (Golden State Warriors)


Joe Lacob is the founder and CEO of the Silicon Valley venture capital company Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. He also used to own the Golden State Warriors, which he bought in 1999.The Warriors won the NBA title in 2015, their first season as an expansion franchise.


Pera, Robert (Memphis Grizzlies)


Ubiquiti Networks, a maker of wireless communications equipment, is founded and led by Robert J. Pera. He also co-founded Ubiquiti Labs, a research and development unit of Ubiquiti.


Pera bought the Memphis Grizzlies in 2013 and hopes to continue the team’s legacy as one of the NBA’s premier clubs.

Fertitta, Tilman (Houston Rockets)


Tilman Fertitta is the chairman and CEO of Landry’s, an American hospitality firm with over 1,300 restaurants and bars. He is also the creator of Las Vegas’ Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino.


Fertitta purchased the Houston Rockets in 2013 and has subsequently brought the organisation around. Last season, the Rockets made the playoffs for the first time in four years, thanks to a youthful core that includes James Harden, Chris Paul, and Clint Capela.


Why and how do they become owners of NBA teams?


Every team owner is unique, with their own history and goals. However, there are several characteristics shared by the most successful business entrepreneurs. They typically come from the sports or business industries, for example.


Many owners begin as sports fans and follow their teams through the season’s ups and downs. They get more active in team operations as they have a greater understanding of the game.


As a result, they frequently participate in front-office operations such as coaching, scouting head coaches, and influencing player personnel choices. Other owners may desire to enter the NBA ownership market because they are entrepreneurial or want to pursue a specific sporting ambition. They may also aspire to be a member of a winning team and one of the world’s most popular professional leagues.


How Do You Become The Owner Of An NBA Team?


It is not simple to become the owner of an NBA franchise. First, you must locate a willing team to purchase. Second, you must have the appropriate funds to make the transaction. Third, you’ll need a good strategy for managing the team and improving its performance. Finally, in order to locate a potential buyer for your franchise, you will need to collaborate with the league’s owners on their plans for club growth and relocation.

How Much Does Owning an NBA Team Cost?


For new franchises, ownership costs vary from $500 million to $8 million, while relocated franchises from other leagues pay between $5,000 million and $1 billion. Some franchises might be worth more than $3 billion. A franchise fee can also be paid in cash or by splitting ownership with another set of investors. This is also known as a partnership agreement or a minority interest acquisition agreement (MIPA).


NBA club owners must additionally pay a $30 million one-time franchise fee. The annual franchise price is then computed based on the team’s worth and income, with a $1 million minimum charge. There are also other taxes that owners must pay. These include a federal tax on investment income, a separate tax on team operations revenue, and an estimated municipal tax on team facilities in the owner’s home state.


What Are the Advantages of Owning an NBA Team?


You will be able to gain enormous profits as the owner of an NBA franchise. For example, because you will be considered a member of the league’s ownership group, you will be entitled to several benefits such as luxury boxes during games and in-game VIP experiences for season ticket holders.


You will also be able to attend league meetings such as board meetings and get invites to social events attended by all NBA owners or certain groups inside the league.


You may wish to hold office hours with players and coaches as part of your duty as an owner to offer feedback on their performance.



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