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8 DIY Vinyl Record Storage Solutions

The only thing more frustrating than investing thousands of dollars on a vinyl record collection is not having a safe place to keep it. You can spend several hundred dollars more on a shelf, but it’s sometimes more fun to figure out DIY vinyl record storage solutions on your own. In certain circumstances, it is also less expensive.

It’s not difficult to figure out how to store your vinyl records without spending an arm and a leg if you’re already competent with simple power tools and have a creative inclination. Yes, you will need to carefully plan your project and do more work yourself than simply purchasing a few pre-made shelves. However, you will be left with a location to keep your vinyl records secure and protected in the end.

Regardless of the size of your collection or if you want to extend it in the near future, these are some of the best and most approachable DIY vinyl storage options available right now. These vinyl record storage solutions are simple enough for even the most inexperienced woodworker to implement.

The Most Effective Way to Store Vinyl Records

Despite the fact that the records are of varying sizes, the justification for keeping them all together is compelling. Vinyl records can be kept in their casings to avoid being damaged or scratched. In fact, doing so will help you locate them much faster.

Keeping your vinyl records in the cases that they came in can keep them safe and allow you to readily locate them if you need to replace a record or if they go misplaced. Some of these ideas may also be used to arrange your vinyl albums.

The Advantages of Using Vinyl Record Storage

Some people value record storage because they do not want to throw away their old recordings. They used to collect all the records they could acquire as youngsters. And even though they are adults, they still have the records they gathered as children. However, it is a waste of space because they already have an excess of old albums in their house.

However, there is another issue with maintaining all of these old documents. They are so numerous that it is impossible for them to find what they are looking for at any given time. Furthermore, you must sift through a large number of books and albums in order to identify what you need and determine whether it is still accessible. The benefit of employing vinyl record storage is that you can easily arrange your collection and find what you need when you need it.

You may also pick how much room each record cabinet will take up in your house, ensuring that your record album collection does not spiral out of control as it did previously when you stored everything in one spot. Vinyl record storage will help you organise your collection by putting the things that are in great demand at the top, making them simpler to discover.

How to Make a DIY Vinyl Record Storage Unit?

1. A Display Table Made of Vinyl

It takes some strength to create this bad boy, but if you get the hang of it, you can make additional units to house your whole collection.Plywood and hairpin legs are required for this one. It may be difficult to get the proper legs, but they truly make it one-of-a-kind.

Crosley AC1004A-NA Record Storage Crate, Natural, Holds up to 75 Albums

Carry handles built in

Between 40 and 75 albums can be stored.

Fire-branded with the legendary Crosley emblem and finished in solid wood

Dimensions: 13.75′′ W x 12.25′′ H x 18′′ (D)

2. Display Shelf Mounted

You may create this lengthy mounted display shelf if you want to showcase all of your vinyl records at once. All you need for this is a length of wood equal to the length of your vinyl shelf.If you don’t want to overlap your records, this may restrict how many you can store facing out at once, but it’s the ideal solution if you want to see the album cover art while still storing your vinyls.

Clear LP Vinyl Record Display Shelf Wall Mount by Sooyee

Display Your Daily Listening in Style Office Home With This 6 Pack Acrylic Album Record Holder. The 6 pack transparent Vinyl floating shelves are sure to offer an exquisite touch to any living area, and the eye-catching design will convert your record collection into a Gallery in your home or business.

3. Copper Pipe Rack

This shelf is available for purchase on Etsy, but there’s no reason you couldn’t construct something similar yourself. You may use copper or black pipe and spray paint it a different colour to complement your house design. Because it’s such a modest storage solution, you can easily create multiples to hang on the same wall.

IRONCK Nightstands and Side Tables for the Living Room

Storage Shelf for Record Player Brown Wood Look Industrial End Table MDF Board with Metal Frame

4. Crates made of wood

A wooden crate may appear to be the more apparent choice for storing your vinyl records, but the possibilities are nearly limitless with this method of storage.You can paint or stain the wooden crates whatever colour you choose, and you can even stencil letters on them to spell out a word or keep your vinyls alphabetical in many crates.

5. Record Holder

DIY Record Stand by Gray House Studio

Even if you don’t have a large vinyl collection, you may want to showcase the few albums you do own. This single record stand may be made with any type of wood using a table saw. Once you’ve mastered it, you might find it easy to build numerous more for your other favourite vinyls.

Walnut Novogratz Concord Turntable Stand

Walnut Novogratz Concord Turntable Stand

The medium brown woodgrain laminated particleboard and MDF provide a sturdy foundation, while the mid-century inspired Black metal hairpin legs lend a quirky, retro vibe.

The stand is the ideal size for storing your record player and organising your records in the four bottom cubbies, or keeping your favourites at the top in the huge upper cubby.

Sixth. Vinyl Cube

While this wooden cube shell is available on Etsy, it also appears to be a pretty simple storage option for your vinyl record collection.Both you need are some precisely measured and attached wooden slats to create a sturdy housing for your vinyls while still leaving all sides exposed so you can easily see the album covers and spines.

7. Wheeled Storage Box

You may either utilise an existing wooden box or make your own out of plywood. Then, add some wheels to the bottom and you’ll have a vinyl storage box that can be rolled about the room. You may not want it to be movable, but if you want to give your vinyl storage a new style, this alternative provides an easy method to rest on the floor while searching through your vinyls and listening to one at the same time.

Vintage Victrola Record Storage and Carrying Case

All standard records (33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM) are compatible.

Holds 30 albums, ideal for your prized record collection.

1SFA Gray (VSC-20-GRY)

8th. Independent Shelf

All you need for this is a huge piece of plywood and the proper measurements. It’s a basic shelf that can hold a lot of vinyl records if created with just enough room to store them comfortably. Furthermore, because it is neither fastened or bolted into the wall, you may place and move the shelf wherever you choose.

Another option is to utilize an old bookcase as the foundation for your record storage. All you need to do is cut the existing bookshelf in half and raise it a few inches.Make sure the shelf is long enough and tall enough to comfortably store the majority of your recordings. The shelf’s height should be roughly 18 inches or higher. More information on this may be found on the internet, for example by searching for IKEA hacks.

Some people choose to store their record collections in boxes. There is always the possibility that a shelf or storage option could tumble over, scattering your collection over the floor. But, in certain circumstances, what’s the point of owning this collection if you can’t display it for all to see and admire? Furthermore, with these DIY vinyl storage options, you may have easy access to your vinyl records to listen to whenever you want.



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