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8 Genius Things to do on a Sunday to have a Productive Week

Sundays are famous for church and god’s work. Some people try to relax and sleep throughout the day to start the next week with a fresh and healthy mindset. While both of the things are not wrong at all but there are some other genius things to do on a Sunday to have a productive week.

These things let your weekend on a nice note and also give a kick start to the next week. Sundays are essential for the human body and brain to work with efficiency, productivity, and happiness.

It lets us rest, heal, and gather energy for the whole week. I have formed a list of things that will help you to spend the whole in a productive manner. Read the things below, and let me know which your favorite is.

  1. Meditate

Sunday is a day to relax, unwind your mind, calm your nerves and be grateful for life. Thus, meditating will help you with starting the day.

It gives you a ground to settle on and a mindset that is present, active, and humble. Once you wake up, the first thing you should do is meditate, exercise, or do yoga to keep your whole day as fresh as it can be.

It will give you a dopamine rush and spreads happiness across your face. This is the sole reason that includes meditation to the genius things to do on a Sunday to have a productive week.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It sets the tone of your day and your hormones in the right direction. But, during the week, most people like me don’t find time to make the right breakfast that requires time and attention.

Thus, I spend my Sunday morning breakfast with family and loved ones. It is really becoming the highlight of my week. Arrange a delicious breakfast meal with your partner and kids at home, or choose a bakery that you have wanted to try for so long.

But, believe me, starting the day with family, laughing, and love all around you really makes a difference.

Plan ahead

Planning ahead really makes the difference; it saves time for your future self and gives them choices. So, plan for the whole week ahead and have the right goals and objectives.

Make a to-do list for each day so you can keep everything organized, in place, and in mind. Planning can also makes you less stressed and gives calmness to the body. It makes you feel that you are in control of your life and have a grip over every action.


Sundays are the best days to learn new skills or information that you have been procrastinating on for so long. With a busy schedule for a whole week, you cannot take out time for yourself at all.

I wanted to learn sketching all my life, but my schedule surely stopped me from doing that. So, now I make time for it on Sundays.

Learn for as much time as you can because you will be a little closer to your objective. Make the Sunday about you only and give yourself a chance to explore the world of your interests.


In our everyday life, we get stressed out by seeing the mess around us; the dirty sink and unorganized cabinets do make your mood worse and day a little more terrible.

To do better in life, to actually get your shit together, you should do a deep cleaning of your home. It includes cleaning your bathroom, bedroom, closet, kitchen, and lounge. This will lead you to a more productive week ahead

By the end of the session, you will feel accomplished and happier. It also saves the effort of your future self because you won’t have to clean every day.

Meet friends

Sunday is a great time to meet distant family or friends. It allows both of you to reconnect, share a loving aura and listen to stories of the whole week. If the meeting is not feasible, then you should make a zoom call or voice call to keep in touch with them.

Nowadays, people are so busy with their own life and struggle that they forget the struggles of their loved ones, so, by listening to your friends and family, you can empathize with them. You can also share your own life and stresses so they can help you too.


Sunday gives you time, peace, and calmness. It lets you breathe and reflect on your life over the past week. Try to remember the last week and write for each day.

Write things that you wanted to do, but your life turned around, and you could not accomplish them. Write things that happened by mistake. Write the time and triggers of your sadness, anxiety, and how you reacted in that situation.

These things will help you to be a better and bigger person. This thing will mend your flaws and help you become your best self. Reflecting upon thoughts and actions is one of my favorite things to do on a Sunday to have a productive week.

  1. Bake

Baking or cooking are the daily chores; You have to do them whether you want to or not. But on Sundays try to make dishes, bread or cooking for the whole week.

This way you will get time to save from the next whole week and your day will be spent more productively. Baking helps the anxiety and stress by repetitive motions, and it gives peace to nerve endings.

Learning to bake can also help you in the long run as it can be a skill you can monetize whenever you want. Also, kids and people love to eat cake, cookies, and bread. So, why not?

These are the genius things to do on a Sunday to have a productive week ahead. I surely swear by these activities because they helped me a lot in every walk of life. So let’s catch on to every missing thing that you want to do and get your life back together. Happy Sunday, everyone.



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