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Best Freebie Websites For 2022: 20 Legit Ways To Get Free Stuff Online

Did you know that there are hundreds of websites on the internet that claim to give free items to users?


The greatest freeware websites have been tested and gathered in the list below.


The items in the list are not in any particular sequence.

Is the product really free? Why is it available for free?


Yes! The freebies are given by firms and brands looking for product testers. The aforementioned merchants require you to serve as a sample source so that they may determine whether or not their new items are ready for launch. They may also request that you promote them on social media in exchange. They benefit from your comments and word of mouth, and you get from free cosmetics or whatever things they have!


These websites are frequently useful for consumers who wish to trial a product before purchasing it. It is also advantageous for individuals who wish to try something new without the danger of spending money if they do not enjoy it. In other words, they’re ideal for people who want to save money. Beauty products, baby supplies, stickers, food items, and a variety of other items are commonly available on these websites.


However, there are many websites that are not as real as they appear. After all, it’s difficult to find something decent for free, and scammers and other forms of hazardous content abound on many of these sites. As a result, before utilising any freebie depot sites, please exercise caution and conduct thorough investigation.


Freebie websites are classified into two types:


Actual products: Some freebie sites will send you free offers of physical things from some of the world’s largest known companies. Simply try out everything you see in these sample boxes and provide feedback. You can keep the goods they sent you once you’re finished. They could even be full-sized things by now!


Gift cards or cash: Some firms’ items are digital and only available online. For these, you must sign up and try out their service. Companies will compensate you with free gift cards or cash.


So, are you ready to discover out which websites provide the finest sweepstakes, birthday freebies, and other goodies? Here are some of the recommended locations for free things times!


1. Goodie Box Every Day


Daily Goodie Box sends out home items and snack boxes in exchange for customer feedback. The webpage is used for the review process. And the entire procedure just takes around five minutes each product. Users rate the items, complete a few questions, and submit a review.

2. Obtain Free Samples


Snag Free Samples provides freebies in a variety of areas, including vitamins, home, health, food, and cosmetics. You may also sign up for their email list to receive information on free samples.

3. Free Stuff Locator


This simple website displays the most recent advertisements from well-known retailers such as Walgreens, CVS, and Target. It provides members with numerous freebies, special discounts, and coupons. The website provides freebies in a variety of areas, including giveaways, free baby items, free publications, free food, and free samples.




This website provides free samples and freebies in a variety of areas, including education, pet items, cosmetics, books and periodicals, health and cuisine. People who join get access to incredible bargains and freebies. Furthermore, the website has a wealth of information about freebies and free samples.


5. InboxDollars


Inboxdollars is a website where you can complete simple activities to earn money. The best thing is that new customers will receive a $5 sign-up incentive. On the site, there are several ways to make money. Searching the internet, signing up for offers, redeeming coupons, playing games, taking surveys, and shopping for cash back are all ways to make money. You must have $15 in your account to request payment.


6. Freebies4Mom


If you’re seeking for free samples and freebies, here is the place to go. It provides a range of free samples to both mothers and non-mothers. The nicest aspect is that the site is updated daily. It provides information about coupons, contests, and special deals for everyday items. Aside from that, the website provides a number of discount coupons, including Kellogg’s family rewards, pampers points, and Swagbucks codes.


7. My No-Cost Product Samples


Free pharmaceutical samples, free kit samples, free health samples, free food samples, and free cosmetic samples are all available from My Free Product Samples. Aside from that, the website provides free joyful samples such as free printable Father’s Day cards, free stay smiling cards, and a free JCPenney coupon giveaway. In addition, there are freebies, sweepstakes, and discounts.



This website provides free samples in a variety of categories, including health supplements, wines, meals, and pets. In addition, the site provides a variety of coupons, including restaurant coupons, miscellaneous coupons, and supermarket coupons. The good news is that the site regularly updates free sample offerings.

9. Sweet Freebies


Huggies, Carefree Acti-Fresh Liners, Garnier, and Rocs are among the brands that provide free samples on Sweet Free Stuff.The website provides freebies in a variety of areas, including books, pet supplies, baby items, cosmetics, and health. If you want to stay up to speed on the latest free samples, sign up for its email updates. The site is always adding new freebies.

10. I Enjoy Receiving Freebies


Are you seeking for freebies for your children and babies? If so, I Love Free Things is ideal for you. The website has a large variety of things for both adults and children. It sells items in several areas, including food, cosmetics, health, and pets. There’s also a section for folks seeking for free samples in Canada. The website is updated every day.

11. 2000 Freebies


2000 Freebies is a fantastic resource for finding freebies online. It provides free items in a variety of categories, including holiday freebies, food freebies, family freebies, children’s freebies, and more.

12.Freebies are everywhere.


GoFreebies is a website that provides free items in a variety of categories, including publications and books, health and beauty, food and recipes, and business and money. It also provides a selection of discounts and intriguing bargains.

13. is a great place to hang out and find free stuff. You may also subscribe to their email newsletter. The website provides a large number of free items. However, the majority of the free items available on the website are computer-related. Website monitoring, discussion boards, guest books, and webspace are examples of these.

14. Freefly


Freeflys provides free items in a variety of areas, including health, food, children, and beauty. The best aspect is that there are no restrictions on how many free products members may request. Interestingly, Freeflys has been on a number of major US talk shows. The website sells both physical and digital goods, such as free coupon coupons, magazine subscriptions, and Kindle novels.

15. Rebate


If you enjoy cashback applications or websites, Rebaid is ideal for you. It provides cash back rebates on Etsy, Walmart, and Amazon purchases. That’s not everything. Rebaid also provides fantastic discounts on a variety of things.


16. Similac


Similac is a well-known brand that provides infant formulae and baby meals. You may open a Similac account for free. Those who sign up will also receive a free Shutterfly picture book, dietary advice for your baby, baby formula samples, and discounts. They also receive up to $400 in free gifts and vouchers.

17. Swagbucks


Swagbucks is a reward programme where you can earn Swagbucks by performing simple tasks. One Swagbuck is equal to $0.01. Swagbucks may be earned by signing up for free samples, playing computer and mobile games, watching short films, buying, and filling out surveys. Swagbucks may be redeemed for gift cards or Paypal money.


18. ShoppingGala


ShopGala is a rewards site that offers free coupons and samples. All you have to do is register with ShopGala. Users will have access to all free items they may request after joining up.

19 PINCHme


PINCHme is a free sample service that sends you free product samples in the mail and then asks you to review them. PINCHme’s clients include L’Oreal, Kellogg’s, Hallmark, Nestle, 3M, Pepsico, and P&G. Free samples are available in areas such as personal care, beauty, baby, and groceries.


Aside from that, you may get freebies by completing special offers on the site. The best thing is that the site sends out free product samples every month.


20. is a website that provides anyone who sign up for an account with prizes, coupons, and free samples. Those who join the site have the option to earn points by doing a variety of tasks, such as recommending friends to, answering trivia questions, participating in polls, and properly answering riddles.


What to Look for When Choosing a Freebies Website


So, now that we’ve covered the finest freebie sites, let’s go over some of the things you should keep in mind while signing up for and using services like or the Freecycle Network. After all, while free goods is wonderful, there are some drawbacks to getting anything for free.


Here are some safety metrics and concerns to keep in mind.

1. Confirm that it is genuine.


There are several freebie websites on the internet, and the most of them appear to be legitimate. However, some websites do not provide the freebies that they advertiseThe easiest method to avoid these sites is to check other users’ evaluations before signing up for any freebies site. Read all of the site’s evaluations and seek for information on whether or not they keep their promises. If they don’t, you should look for another site!


There are several freebie websites on the internet, and the most of them appear to be legitimate. However, some websites do not provide the freebies that they advertise. The easiest method to avoid these sites is to check other users’ evaluations before signing up for any freebies site. Read all of the site’s evaluations and seek for information on whether or not they keep their promises. If they don’t, you should look for another site!


Scams and bogus websites are another thing to keep an eye out for. Many of these websites are nothing more than frauds. They were designed to deceive users into signing up and providing personal information.If it appears to be too good to be true, it almost always is!


You should be weary of joining up for freebie sites in the same way that you would be wary about meeting someone on Craigslist. If you are concerned about a site that appears to be fraudulent, you should avoid signing up for it for the time being.

2. Be cautious if anything appears to be too wonderful to be true.


The freebies and free samples you acquire from the above-mentioned websites are typically quite nice. However, there are certain websites that will make you an attractive offer just to turn out to be a hoax. It’s preferable not to join up for the site in the first place in this instance.


If you uncover a hot item on one of these websites, such as Influenster or BzzAgent, you may feel as if you struck gold.However, if something in great demand becomes suddenly accessible for free, it may just indicate that the site is attempting to defraud you.


If you locate a site you like but it turns out to be a hoax, there are alternative sites you may visit. Simply don’t give up! The odds of discovering a decent freebie website are really great. So, keep exploring and joining up for different websites until you discover one that suits you.

3. Never promise to pay anything.


This is a very vital consideration before signing up for any freebie site. After all, the whole idea of receiving products as freebies is to obtain them for free!


If a site requires you to make a down payment or provide your credit card information, you should avoid joining up for the site. You should never provide them any personal information or money before trying out the service.


A site may pretend that you must sign up for a free membership that includes a cost upon registration. Be aware of such websites. They’re probably simply looking to make a fast cash by duping naïve folks.

4. Be cautious while disclosing personal information.


Finally, the last thing you should be concerned about is disclosing any personal information to a freebie site. Never give out your personal information to anyone on the internet. This includes your name, address, email address, social security number (SSN), and any other information you don’t want handed out to strangers.


Signing up for a freebie site is simple and takes little effort. However, there are many scam sites out there that aim to take your money without providing you with anything in return. As a result, it’s advisable to be cautious and avoid them.


It’s better to just go through the process of testing out the gratis site and then moving on to another one if you don’t like it. After all, if they want you to utilise their service, they should make it as simple as possible!



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