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Can You Print & Copy Documents At Walmart

Walmart is known for being a one-stop shop for everything from dry ice to hygiene. They also provide many in-store services, such as bottle return, helium balloon inflation, bespoke cake production, and auto care.


So, if you need to print or copy a document but don’t have a printer or a copy machine at home, you may question if you can print and copy papers at Walmart.


Can you print and copy papers at Walmart?


No, Walmart does not provide printing or copying services. Walmart provides picture printing services, but not document printing or copying services.


Given the variety of in-store services offered by Walmart, this comes as a surprise to many. Fortunately, there are several more businesses that can meet your print and copy needs. Many of them also provide other services or products, allowing you to cross many tasks off your to-do list at the same time.


Print and Copy Services Providers


The following businesses provide print and copy services, allowing you to print any document. Most of them have sites throughout the United States, making them simple to locate and utilise.


The UPS Store


The UPS shop is a popular location for packaging and shipping items. They also provide full printing services.


You may print single or double-sided documents in full colour or black and white at the UPS shop. They have a wide range of paper sizes and can assist you with laminating, binding, and folding if necessary.


You may also save time by uploading your papers to their online printing service. Then, at your earliest leisure, pick up the prints.




Many people utilise CVS as their neighbourhood drugstore but are unaware that the company also provides document printing services. CVS charges as little as 19 cents per page for single-sided black and white printing.


They don’t provide some of the more upscale services that retailers like UPS do. Prints cannot be bound, laminated, or folded here. However, if you only need something printed quickly, CVS can handle it.


Office Max


Office Depot charges a reasonable fee to print or copy documents. Office Depot, on the other hand, specialises in printing projects like as brochures, banners, and yard signs. If you only need a single document printed, they can help, but larger printing services are where they shine.




Staples makes printing documents a breeze. To use their print from email feature, simply send your document to


When you arrive at their store, you may use their self-service printing equipment to pick and print the document you sent.


Your Community Library


Many public libraries provide low-cost printing and copying services. It can be worth stopping by yours if you need to print a small paper. You should be able to print or duplicate everything you need fast and effectively if you have a local library card.




Walgreens provides copy and print services. If you need to print a document, simply go to your nearest Walgreens and tell them what you want.


When you come in, be sure to ask for a deal card to obtain the best price. The price of all their specials for that day will be listed on the deal card, which might help you save money.




FedEx Office is a service that provides printing and copying. You may print documents from your phone with the FedEx Office app. You may also go directly to their store if you like.


Print Shops/Kiosks in Your Neighborhood


There are several additional possibilities for printing if you don’t have a local library or Walgreens nearby. For a nominal cost, your local print shops and kiosks may supply you with a simple printing service.




OfficeMax provides same-day printing. All you have to do is go to your nearest OfficeMax and tell them what you require. They will have the most affordable pricing in town.


CVS Photo Store


If you need a gift or a photo print quickly, you may order it online and pick it up at your local CVS store within a couple of hours.


Website for Walmart Photos


You may easily print images from your computer or phone. Custom items such as Photo Books, Calendars, Blankets, Canvas, Metal Prints, and others are also available.




With the Costco app, you can now print in a new way (iOS or Android). You may get classic prints, canvas prints, picture albums, and other items online from the palm of your hand. And you can do it all by using photos you already have on your phone or on your social media sites. Traditional picture prints cost only 17 cents each.




Kinko’s provides self-service printing. All you have to do is locate a Kinko’s in your region and enter. Tell them what you require, and they will assist you with printing your paper for free.




Kodak is a well-known camera and film manufacturer. While Kodak no longer manufactures cameras, they still continue to manufacture films for various sorts of photography.


If you need to print a photo, you may take it to your local store and get it printed for you. However, this will be more expensive than the regular print service offered by most other businesses.


Can you print from an iPhone or an Android phone?


Beginning in 2022, Walmart will also allow customers to print images from their cellphones and cameras. You may print them in-store, online, or via the Walmart Photo Prints Plus App.


Other printing businesses provide the same service, so you don’t have to worry if you don’t have a USB flash drive or don’t want to use other people’s computers to access your email account.

Does the store provide colour copies?


Most shops that provide printing services will also provide colour copies. Color copies vary in price depending on the shop, although they are normally somewhat more expensive than ordinary black and white copies.


You should go to your local copy shop for low-cost colour copies. They are generally far less expensive than the competitors and can print in any colour you choose.

What about complimentary copies?


While many establishments do provide free copies, they often only supply one form of document: fliers. Free flyers are only available in libraries or with a voucher from a magazine or newspaper.


Is it more expensive to print photos than documents?


While it is true that photo printing costs more than paper printing, this is not always the case. If you need to print a photo but don’t want to spend too much money, there are a few options.


Because an inkjet printer is used, photo printing is pricey. If you need to print a photograph that does not need to be glossy, there are less expensive solutions. Local copy shops and FedEx Office provide low-cost picture printing services. These locations often provide low-cost black-and-white copies on a high-quality copier.


You may also acquire low-cost colour copies at your local library or Kinko’s. Just keep in mind that these locations only provide black and white versions.


You may also acquire low-cost colour copies at your local library or Kinko’s. Just keep in mind that these locations only provide black and white versions. If you need high-quality colour printouts, go to Staples or Costco if one is nearby. Both of these locations offer huge inkjet printers and will provide you with high-quality prints at a reasonable price.


The same may be true for business cards and canvas prints.

Final Thoughts


Unfortunately, you cannot print documents at Wally World, but you can print and copy at several surrounding locations. Stores such as CVS, Staples, and the UPS Store provide low-cost document printing services in handy locations around the United States.



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