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Does Costco Repair And Adjust Eyeglasses, And How Much Does It Cost?

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Quick Response


Yes, Costco’s Optical Center does eyeglass repairs. Small repairs and tweaks are occasionally provided for free, however bigger fixes might cost up to $25 or more.


Small corrections and adjustments may be accomplished in less than an hour depending on how busy they are, allowing you to drop off your glasses for repair, shop, and pick them up when you leave. Larger repair operations might take up to two weeks.


Various Costco locations feature a Costco Optical Center where you can get your eyes checked and purchase eyeglasses from their huge range. Sunglasses, contact lenses, and reading glasses are also available.


The Optical Center employs a number of skilled eye care professionals and opticians that can assist you in selecting the appropriate eyewear as well as answering concerns regarding orders and insurance.


However, does Costco fix glasses? What about making minor changes? Everything you need to know about Costco’s eyewear repair service is right here.


Costco is a warehouse club that sells a wide range of things such as food, home goods, and gadgets. Costco members may also take advantage of the club’s membership advantages, such as discounts on certain products. Sunglasses, prescription glasses, and reading glasses are also available at the wholesale club.


Kirkland Signature by Costco is a brand name for a series of items manufactured by Costco and marketed under the Kirkland Signature label. Kirkland Signature goods are noted for using high-quality ingredients and being less expensive than equivalent items from other brands.


When you buy glasses at Costco, you may select from a selection of designs and colours. The club also sells prescription glasses, such as progressive lenses and bifocals. Costco also sells reading glasses and sunglasses for both indoor and outdoor use.


Costco’s glasses are composed of high-quality materials, and the retailer offers a choice of lens selections to meet your specific requirements. Sunglasses with built-in sun protection are also available, as are types designed to block out glare and wind noise.


Costco is an excellent choice for reasonably priced glasses constructed of high-quality materials. There are many different designs and colours available, as well as prescription glasses to suit your needs.

Is Costco able to fix eyeglasses?


Yes, Costco’s optical department does provide eyeglass repair services. It is capable of doing minor repairs on nose bridges, hinges, rims, screws, pad arms, nose pads, and lenses.


Some repairs can even be performed for free or for a little price.However, if your glasses are significantly damaged or completely shattered, Costco may be unable to repair them.


Is there a fee for fixing glasses at Costco?


The cost of eyeglass repair at Costco’s Optical Center varies based on the type of repair required. While they will make minor alterations to your glasses for free, any substantial repairs or changes, such as missing lenses or damaged frames, will be charged.


It is crucial to remember that the cost of repair and replacement lenses will vary based on the damaged frames and the kind and amount of the damage. Furthermore, it will differ depending on whether your present glasses require comprehensive replacement or are repairable.

How long does it take Costco to fix glasses?


It is determined by the severity and quantity of repairs necessary for your spectacles. Smaller changes take a few minutes to 60 minutes at the Optical Center. For larger changes, however, the turnaround time ranges from 7 to 15 days.

Will you be able to fix your own eyeglass frames at Costco?


Yes. You can bring your own frames to the store to have them replaced or repaired. Costco Optical will still make minor changes and repairs to your frames for free.


However, if your eyeglass frames have significant damage, you will be required to pay an additional cost for a larger replacement or repairs. However, if you purchased your frames from a merchant, you will not be charged any fees.

Is there a warranty on Costco sunglasses or prescription glasses?


Refunds or exchanges on eyeglasses purchased via the retailer’s Optical Center are not available. If your prescription is inaccurate or the glasses are damaged, you have two to three months to return the prescription glasses for a refund, according to the return policy.

Is a Costco membership required to get eyeglasses repaired?


Yes, you must be a Costco member in order to get your glasses fixed. To purchase replacement lenses or Costco glasses at the vision centre, you must also have a local Costco membership.

Finishing up


Costco Optical, a Costco retail department, provides eyewear repair services. It also provides eye exams and sells Costco lenses and new glasses, including anti-reflective and HD progressive lenses. To acquire an eyeglass lens replacement or repair, you do not need to have purchased your prescription eyeglasses from an optical department or an independent doctor of Optometry (an Optometrist or an eye doctor). Costco performs minor changes or repairs to your eyeglasses at little or no cost. Larger repairs, on the other hand, cost $25 and take 7 to 15 days to complete.


Your prescription lenses can also be replaced or repaired at the optical department. Unfortunately, Costco Optical eyeglasses do not come with a guarantee for damaged frames or scratches.To purchase anything from the optical department, you must also have a Costco membership.


Costco Optical carries bifocal lenses. They are available in a variety of strengths and are intended to assist persons with presbyopia (a common age-related eye issue that makes it difficult to see well up close) view items from a distance more clearly. Costco Optical also sells single-vision lenses.


Vision insurance programmes, on the other hand, may not cover the cost of spectacles. If your vision insurance does not cover you, you may be able to seek assistance from a local charity or social service organisation.. Consumer Reports also provides a list of options for locating low-cost eyeglasses.


You may pay for your glasses at Costco Optical using your standard Costco membership card or with a credit card. You may also get a discount on your eyeglasses by being a Costco member.


Some pointers for purchasing glasses at Costco:


  • When searching for glasses, check the pricing and characteristics of several brands and models.
  • Consider your demands while choosing your glasses, such as glare reduction, wind noise reduction, and UV protection.
  • If you have a prescription, bring it with you to the store so you may select the suitable glasses.
  • Costco accepts cash, credit card, and debit card as payment methods for membership.
  • If you leave your glasses in the sun or in a hot car, they will become damaged.
  • Inquire with your Costco salesperson about member savings on glasses.


Lenscrafters, Ray-Ban, Warby Parker, and Zenni Optical are some more eyewear brands that manufacture and sell optical products. The questions listed above are some of the most often asked concerning Costco’s eyewear goods; continue reading for answers to these and other inquiries. The selection of eyeglasses is critical, therefore speak with an eye doctor or optometrist before making a purchase. It’s also worth noting that Costco doesn’t stock all eyeglass brands, so ask the sales assistant whether a certain brand is available at the shop.




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