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Does Walmart Develop Film? (DSLR, Phone, and Disposable Cameras)

When film cameras were considerably more widespread a few decades ago, getting your images processed was as simple as walking into a Walmart store, dropping off your film or disposable camera at the Photo Center, and returning in an hour or two to pick it up.


Although few people shoot on film these days, many do. People are using disposable cameras in greater numbers. And those folks are finding it increasingly difficult to find locations to take it.


Is it possible to develop film and disposable cameras at Walmart?

What exactly are Film Development Services?


The process of exposing a photographic film to chemicals, heat, and light in order to generate a positive picture is referred to as film development. The image is chemically processed to improve the contrast of the film and generate the final image. People may then utilise photo printing services to get their film developed and turned into a photograph.


Many individuals nowadays enjoy the pastime of photography. In the same way, many of these folks choose disposable cameras from companies like Kodak. These single-use cameras are popular because of the distinct effect they generate in the end product. For example, may be created to make a ghostly picture of the person taken by the camera.


Disposable cameras are typically developed on 35mm film. The term 35mm film refers to the width of the film. This film’s normal format is 35mm.


Is Walmart still producing film and disposable cameras?

If you’re a disposable camera enthusiast, you might be wondering if Walmart still develops film and throwaway cameras. Yes, but you’ll have to find a Walmart that does. They really process film prints from both normal and disposable cameras.


During business hours, each Walmart store will have the good old Photo Center, exactly how it used to be. Fill out an order form to receive your processed film. The difference is that this department is now mostly utilised to print digital images taken by consumers on their cellphones.


Aside from same-day digital printout services, Walmart Photo Centers provide unmanned kiosks where customers may drop off disposable cameras for development.


These Walmart photo laboratories for disposable camera development are also known as The Darkroom, which is a fitting moniker. Customers’ films will be processed in this dark room.


While Walmart Photo Centers have been operating for a long time, the corporation has yet to include this service into its major shops. Some Walmart locations offer specialised laboratories where customers may develop their film, however they are not necessary in regular retail locations.


The Darkroom at Walmart will develop your old film with little difficulty, whether you need single prints or double prints, colour film or black and white film.


To develop film, you must first transport it to a processing facility. You may get your film processed at your local Walmart if you don’t want to travel out of your way and pay the shipping and handling fees.


Walmart Photo Centers are conveniently positioned near you, making it simple to develop your film. The Walmart Photo Center is available at practically every Walmart store in the United States and may also be accessed via their website.


However, you’d need to double-check if your local Walmart has a Darkroom. A photo studio is not available at every Walmart. You could get lucky and find one.


You may locate the nearest Walmart Photo Center using a variety of methods. The simplest method is to use the Walmart Photo Center store finder. In reality, the Walmart Locator may be used to identify locations for a variety of other services as well.


You may also use more standard GPS finders if you choose. This includes just Googling Google for “Walmart Photo Center near me” or going directly to Google Maps. More information may also be available on review sites such as Yelp.


How Do I Develop Film at Walmart?


If you’re thinking about having a roll of film processed at your local Walmart Supercenter, you’ll be relieved to hear that the procedure is simple.


Once you’ve found your store’s Photo Center, simply slip your freshly shot roll of film in one of the provided film processing envelopes, close it up, and deposit it in the “Film Development & Print” dropbox. It’s that simple!

How Much Does Film Development Cost at Walmart?

Currently, a 12-exposure roll of film costs $7.96 at Walmart. A 24- or 27-exposure film costs $9.96 and $10.96, respectively, while a 36-exposure roll costs a staggering $13.96.


You will receive not just a stack of high-quality 46 prints, but also a CD with high-resolution digital files of your images at this price. You may also order an extra batch of prints for for $2 more.


With such low prices, Walmart is one of the most economical retail film developers in the game (albeit there aren’t many left).

How Long Does It Take to Develop Film at Walmart?


Customers who use Walmart’s photo lab for picture development claim that it takes one to two weeks on average to receive their photographs back.


Walmart does not process the film; instead, it is sent to a third-party developer, who exposes it, prints it, and returns it to Walmart. This means that you can expect a substantially lengthier turnaround time than you would if the development was done in-store.


It may take up to three weeks for your images to be returned to you in some situations. However, your photographs are more likely to arrive inside the regular one-to-two-week timeline.


Please keep in mind that Walmart no longer refunds negatives, so if you use their services, you will not receive your original film back. If you wish to save your negatives, you should find another area to develop them. Just be prepared to spend a little bit extra.

Will Walmart Produce an Old Film?

Do you still have a roll of film from your first throwaway camera? It might not be the most expensive roll of film you’ve ever shot, but it could be valuable nonetheless.


Old films can degrade with time, especially if they have been exposed to intense light or circumstances. However, some people may appreciate this since the impact of degradation might create a one-of-a-kind film print.Even if the cost is only a few dollars, it may be worthwhile to have them created by a competent lab.


So you may be wondering if Walmart provides such a service. You’ve come to the right place! Walmart provides some of the most affordable film development services in the country. Simply bring your old film to any Walmart location to get it developed. While developing your film has a fee, it is fairly affordable when compared to other laboratories.


The only thing you should keep in mind is that Walmart is not compelled to return your negatives unless you expressly request them in writing via a formal form. If this is a significant issue for you, you may be better off using another approach.

Where Else Can Disposable Camera Films Be Created?


There are several companies that will create throwaway cameras and film. You may also discover a website that can print your images for you. You can even handle your own film development if you’re very finicky about it! Of course, there are inherent hazards to doing your own film development.


If you don’t think Walmart is the best option, here are some additional printing and film production services you may discover today:


  1. Walgreens Photographer


The first thing you should know about Walgreens is that it is the world’s largest pharmacy chain. It provides a wide range of health, wellness, and aesthetic services. You might be shocked to learn that they also provide picture printing and film development services! They even have a specialised Walgreens Photo Center.


One thing to keep in mind is that they do not provide in-house film development services. This implies that the development does not take place at photo centres. Instead, your film will be sent to Fujifilm. Fuji will then develop the film and mail it to you.


They are accessible for processing disposable cameras, and their average wait time is less than Walmart’s. However, Walgreens Photo, like Walmart, will not return your negatives. Furthermore, they lack versatility in terms of the number of exposures; unlike Walmart, they do not provide film roll exposures of 12 exposures. They are also somewhat more expensive than Walmart.


  1. Walmart


Costco is well-known for its huge product assortment and low costs. Unfortunately, in the aftermath of the epidemic, they ceased their film development services in 2020. This is terrible because they were one of the least expensive locations to have your film processed. There are, however, additional options for getting your film processed.


They now provide digital picture printing services, but not film development. These printing services may be discovered and completed on their internet website, Unfortunately, all of the actual photo centres that they used to have have closed. As a result, if you wish to use their printing services, you must do it online.


  1. Objective


Target’s film development services have likewise been halted.This was most likely caused by revenue losses since the pandemic era. It is, however, not fully gone. They can still provide digital picture printing services, but they can not do in-house film development.


So, if all you need is to print off your images, you might be able to choose Target. Otherwise, you could be better off using Walmart or another way.


  1. CVS Photo


If you want to get your film processed and don’t mind paying a bit more money, CVS Photo could be the spot for you. It is the second largest pharmacy chain in the United States. It’s hardly unexpected that they provide picture printing and film development services.


Aside from developing 35mm film, they also take films with whatever number of exposures that they are capable of. Films in both black and white and full colour are included. In addition to the completed prints, they will provide you with scans burnt onto CDs.


Their services, like Walgreens, will have a waiting time of roughly seven to 10 days on average. This is far faster than Walmart, which typically takes at least two weeks. As a result, their prices are somewhat more than Walmart’s. As a result, they are best suited for persons with little patience and a lot of money to waste.


Conclusion: Does Walmart Produce Film?


In a nutshell, yes. Walmart still processes film, although it takes a little longer now.


Having said that, a couple of weeks isn’t a long time to wait for keepsake-worthy physical copies of your loved ones, your recent dream vacation, or that magnificent sunset you want to remember later.


Still, if you think Walmart’s Darkrooms aren’t for you, you can always try other options, such as processing your film at a professional lab. You can also try some of the alternatives listed above. If all you need is photo printing and you’re too lazy to travel to an actual photo facility, you may rely on Costco and Target. Choose CVS Photo or Walgreens Photo if you don’t mind paying extra for a shorter wait time.


You may also think about processing your own film, however this will be difficult and expensive if you don’t have a darkroom and the appropriate gear. You are now ready to develop your most recent film rolls!




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