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How to Become a Freelance Digital Marketer

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Learn how to become an independent digital marketer . This post discusses everything you need to get started in freelance marketing – freelancing skills, possible earnings, advantages and drawbacks, and the steps to pursue this exciting and digital nomad-friendly industry. It’s not for everyone, but it just could be for you. Digital marketing as a freelancer is very famous these days.

Consider working as a freelance digital marketer if you want a rewarding profession in digital marketing that allows you the most flexibility and independence. What are the steps to becoming a self-employed online marketer?

Let’s get started, shall we?

What is freelancing?

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As a freelancer, you are your boss and not employed by a firm. Freelance work is done on an as-needed basis. Companies and enterprises outsource a large number of tasks to freelancers in a variety of fields. There are several advantages and disadvantages to working as a freelancer. In this piece, we’ll go into greater detail about them.

Roles of a freelance digital marketer

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A Digital marketing as a freelancer involves tasks including social media work and helps freelancer s to provide digital marketing services to businesses and non-profits (not an employee).

You may provide a wide range of digital marketing services as a freelance marketer. In most cases, independent digital marketers are recruited for the following reasons;

  • Paid advertising, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, and the like.
  • The process of creating, filming, editing, distributing, and advertising video content
  • It’s all about the influencer’s marketing.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) includes everything from keyword research to SEO content production and link building.
  • Management of sales and marketing funnels from start to finish
  • Freelance digital marketers have many options when it comes to projects, as you can see above.

Skills needed to become a freelance digital marketer

To work as a freelance digital marketer, you’ll need to have a variety of abilities. Digital marketing as a freelancer requires a lot of efforts. There are several subdomains of digital marketing. Hard (technical) talents are unique to each field. It’s important to note that there are some universal freelancing abilities, regardless of the industry you choose to work in. The following are examples of these abilities:

Content Writing and Copywriting

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The written word is the foundation of all digital material. That’s why it’s so important to have excellent content writing abilities. There’s no substitute for recognizing excellent writing and persuasive writing, reviewing draughts, and offering constructive criticism when you or your customer employ a freelance writer or copywriter on your own. Learning the fundamentals of content marketing can make you feel more confident in your ability to succeed in this field.


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Digital information may be found more easily with search engine optimization (SEO). Publishing blog entries, articles on LinkedIn, product descriptions on Amazon or Etsy, or description text for an app store requires search engine optimization (SEO). For doing digital marketing as a freelancer will have to rely on paid advertising and recommendations to see your products if you do not have them. Unless you plan to become a full-time SEO consultant, you need to know SEO basics.

Marketing analytics

Whether you want to offer email marketing services or handle Facebook advertisements, you must know how to gather and evaluate marketing data. As a result, a working grasp of marketing analytics is a need in today’s digital marketing world.

Business skills

Hard and soft marketing abilities aren’t the only things you’ll need; you’ll also need a solid foundation in business. Consider the fact that you’re now in business for yourself. Having these abilities is essential for starting and running a successful business. Included are:

  • Vision setting and leadership
  • Management of the company’s finances
  • Organizing and directing a project
  • Problem-solving
  • promoting and selling
  • A focus on providing excellent service to clients
  • Negotiation
  • Networking

Additional employees may be necessary when your organization increases in size and scope. As a result, you’ll require expertise in the following:

  • Recruitment
  • Delegation
  • Leadership in terms of people

How much does a freelance digital marketer make?

Freelance digital marketers’ earnings might be highly variable because they do not hold a salaried position. It all boils down to the quality of your work, the sorts of clients you work with, and your ability to hustle and sell your services to those who need your expertise and expertise only.

More lucrative digital marketing campaigns can be found in some areas than others. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and growth marketing, for example, attract more excellent rates than other forms of digital marketing services such as email marketing.

Industry-specific wage differentials exist as well. Finance, electronic manufacturing, sports teams, online publishing and broadcasting, and well-funded startups tend to pay the highest wages and contractor fees for employees and independent contractors.

Limited information is available on how much money freelance digital marketers earn. There are just two data points available on for the yearly earnings of independent digital marketers in Canada: $39,000 and $87,750. Freelance digital marketing roles in the United States may pay between $46,313 and $80,288 per year, depending on experience. $59,963 is the average of the 16 data values.

It’s impossible to predict how much money you’ll make as a freelance digital marketer because of so many factors. If you combine your freelancing with other sources of income, you may make anything from a few thousand dollars a year to more than a million dollars a year.

Pros and cons of freelance digital marketing

No job is ideal, whether you’re a full-time employee or a self-employed digital marketer. Let’s examine the pros and cons of working as a freelance marketer.

Advantages of freelance digital marketing

Freelancing as a digital marketer has numerous benefits. These include:

Flexible Schedule

Your working hours are almost unrestricted when you are doing digital marketing as a freelancer. As long as you satisfy client deadlines, it’s up to you how much and when you work. Consequently, you get compensated based on the quality of your work rather than the quantity of time you put in. When hiring a freelancer, we don’t propose charging by the hour as others do. Instead of charging by the number of hours worked, freelance digital marketers should be compensated based on their work’s outcomes and results.

Variation & choice

Additionally, being a freelancer means that you may pick the tasks and clients that you work on. Initially, you may feel driven to take on any client task. That’s OK if you’re starting and trying to grow a customer base and make money.

However, after you’ve established yourself and have a consistent stream of clients, you’ll be able to pick and choose which tasks to take on.

Location independence

Freelance digital marketers frequently work remotely. You can work from anywhere with a computer and a sufficient internet connection. This occupation is suitable for the digital nomad lifestyle. You may mix it with your passion for travelling, or if you choose to work from home, no trips to and from work.

Lower costs of earning money

The term “cost of doing business” is used in the business world. As a result, employees have a “cost of earning money,” including transportation, clothes, cosmetics, and meals and coffees bought while commuting to work. Digital marketing as a freelancer eliminates all of those costs.

Working as a freelancer does come with a cost. However, most of those expenditures may be deducted from your tax return.

Unlimited income potential

As an independent digital marketer, your earning potential is theoretically limitless. As long as clients are willing to pay, you may charge anything you want.

You can combine freelancing with another company or part-time work if you want. You can combine full-time employment with part-time freelancing. Regardless of the path you take, you will be able to enjoy financial stability and the opportunity for development.

Disadvantages of freelance digital marketing

It’s not for everyone to work as a digital marketer or a freelancer. It also has certain drawbacks, including:

A never-ending Hustle

It would help if you constantly hustled as a freelancer to keep a steady stream of new clients and prospects in your pipeline. Working as a freelancer may need you to put in more hours than you ever did as an employee. Why? Because you must sell your services and close clients on top of all the effort, you undertake to support your current customers. Alternatively, you may rely on Arcadium to connect you with clients needing your expertise.

Famine or plenty

Another drawback of freelancing is that you don’t be paid consistently. The demand for your services will likely fluctuate between high and low points. Clients may slow down in the summer and throughout the holidays, no matter how brilliant your marketing skills may be.

There are no perks

Freelancers don’t get paid time off, sick days, health benefits, disability insurance or any other perks that come with employment. Put another way, you get compensated for the time and effort.

The constant pressure to increase income

Owning your health and disability insurance is something you should do if you can. However, you’ll have to pay for these yourself. It’s also important to note that they are typically not deductible as company costs. (Again, I’m not an accountant, and the laws may differ where you are.). Find out about your country’s tax regulations before making a purchase.) As a result, your payment must be higher to enjoy the same benefits as an employee. It’s also essential to maintain a savings account for emergencies.

Isolation and loneliness

Lastly, freelancing may be a solitary endeavour, especially from a distance. This difficulty for extroverts is frequently enough to drive them to seek employment in an office setting. It doesn’t matter which route you take; you’ll have to learn how to acquire the social connections you require to be healthy. Even the most reclusive of people want social interaction.

How to become a freelance digital marketer: Next steps

The following are your following actions if you’ve just finished reading this essay and are now more enthusiastic than ever about working as a freelance digital marketer:

Decide whatever area of digital marketing you want to focus on and stick with it. 1. SEO, Facebook Ads, social networking, and content authoring are examples of niches.

2. What clientele and industries are you most comfortable working with? No matter what area you choose to specialize in, there’s no limit to what you can do with a laser-like focus.

3. A digital marketer must build and maintain an authoritative online presence. Before you even begin a conversation with a potential customer, they will have already decided about you based on what they’ve seen online. Please make sure that anything they uncover reflects well on you. Create a video résumé and online portfolio to attract clients.

4. Build a track record: Start developing a track record of producing outcomes for clients. Document everything you do, and track results, so you have proof of what you can do. Also, always collect testimonials from clientele. To sell your products and services, you need social evidence.

No experience? What if you want to start a career as a freelance digital marketer but lack the necessary experience? A mentor who is willing to assist you and provide you with real-world experience in their firm will be assigned to you by our system. Arcadium is a great place to learn about digital marketing as an apprentice.



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