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How to earn 500 dollars per month online, even though you are ordinary

Any of the following ways may be used to earn 500 dollars per month online in addition to your “real” employment, such as taking care of children at a daycare center or being an engineer, chef, lawyer or belonging to any occupation. You may do this in a variety of ways.

Following are five ways to make money online

Working as a Freelance Social Media Manager

A freelance social media manager may handle content creation, caption writing, follower acquisition, and social media account maintenance.

Other social media managers specialize in a specific business, such as travel blogs or sports companies, while others specialize in a more general approach to social media management.

Maintaining an active presence on different social media platforms is crucial for almost any modern-day business, regardless of size. While this may be true for some of them, especially the smaller and more regionally focused ones, it’s not valid for all.

The good news is that now is a great time to make some extra money. As a social media manager, you may help various companies expand their online presence.

To employ a social media manager, businesses are prepared to spend large sums of money, whether it is on Facebook ads, Instagram posts, or monitoring and responding to consumers’ Tweets.

As long as you can entirely specialize your abilities, you might earn anywhere from $20 to more than $100 every hour. Whether or whether this is true will be determined by your line of employment.

Maintaining a single social media profile, like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform, is yet another way to get a foothold in a particular niche market. Managing social media accounts necessitates social media managers to work in several different professions occasionally.

Unlike many other job options accessible today, you do not need a college degree to work in social media management. Despite having a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Arts and Graphic Design, I’ve never had a consumer ask about my educational background.

Online sites like Skillshare and YouTube make it easy to learn many of the social media management techniques needed to work as a freelancer to make money online fast.

Enrolling in one of the numerous courses taught by well-known social media experts is also possible. These courses may assist in guaranteeing that you have all the components necessary to effectively start your firm.

An onboarding process is necessary; a system for collecting passwords is critical; contracts are required, and payment methods are necessary so that you don’t have to post manually every day.

Being a Virtual Assistant

When you work as a virtual assistant, you provide administrative services to customers remotely, which means you work from the comfort of your home.

That’s very interesting, but could you tell me more about what a virtual assistant does? To give just a few examples, standard services provided by virtual assistants include:

  • Making phone calls.
  • Keeping up with email accounts.
  • Managing social media accounts.
  • Arranging appointments.
  • Keeping calendars up to date.
  • Entering data.
  • Making travel plans.

And since skilled virtual assistants are crucial to the owners of businesses, you may make up to $50 per hour performing this kind of work. This indicates that you may earn an additional $500 per month by working an extra three hours weekly.

Getting your first customer is the first step to becoming a virtual assistant (VA).

Finding your first customer might be nerve-wracking since it requires you to put yourself out there, and you can feel as if you have no clue what you’re doing.

When this happens, doubt begins to set in, and you begin to question why anybody would pay you for your experience and talents.

Because of this, it is a good idea to begin working as a virtual assistant by capitalizing on a transferable ability.

Marketing a talent you already have is the simplest method to start making money for your efforts. What exactly does this entail? This might be based on prior knowledge, previous experience, or a certification for the position.

Build the basis of your virtual assistant company on top of something you are currently skilled at doing. If you have a background in accounting from school, you should consider opening a bookkeeping or digital organizing firm.

Use the experience you’ve had in the past to highlight talents already included on your CV.

When you have found a suitable position that you are interested in applying for, the next thing you need is a synopsis of the services or packages currently being offered by your company.

There is an almost infinite variety of work and services that you might provide to other business owners, including the following:

· Email management

· Scheduling for social media platforms

· Marketing and online seminars (webinars),

· Blog management

· Marketing of eBooks and participation in guest blogging,

· Writing on a contractual basis

· Proofreading and advertising copywriting

· Conducting research and verifying information

· And so on.

Narrow your emphasis by giving one to three packages depending on your previous experiences, and then build your way up.

Include a customer testimonial, the essential duties associated with each, the start and finish dates, what is included in each package and the associated pricing, any payment information, and a link to your portfolio.

Find gigs online as a freelance content writer.

Being a successful freelance content writer is the pinnacle of accomplishments in this field. Even though each author provides their unique take on the situation, they are all working for the same goal.

The field of content writing is seeing explosive growth, and it is a significant accomplishment to get to a position where your earnings are entirely dependent on the quality of your work alone. Instead of doing business under an already well-known moniker, the author’s sense of self-worth is given greater weight.

Since fewer individuals are involved in the process and a consistent line of thinking between the writer and the firm or product being written for, this kind of business is, to tell you the truth, favored by many business owners in today’s world.

It is recommended that a writer have at least two years of expertise in the field before pursuing freelance content writing as a means of income; this is because the business demands high-quality work.

The market for freelance writing is far more competitive than the market for generating corporate material, and it will quickly consume an inexperienced writer.

Competing with authors from all over the world might be pretty intimidating for a writer who is just starting in the profession and does not yet fully comprehend the strategies and adjustments necessary to thrive there. However, after the required experience and information on how to cater to the client’s desire and bidding is learned, a writer is set to make money online as a freelancer. This is because they have acquired the essential experience and expertise.

Nevertheless, this list serves as a guide for authors who are just starting to consider this route as a means of making a living and are curious about how they might make a significant amount of money online via this endeavor.

It would help if you had a firm grasp that all of these guidelines and tips will only be useful to you once you have accrued the necessary amount of experience in the sector and have an excellent and in-depth knowledge of content, specifically how it serves customers and clients alike.

To launch a career as a content writer, it is essential to compile a portfolio of previous writing.

After spending a significant amount of time in the content writing industry, it is appropriate to state that a writer will have a large quantity of work available to them at all times.

A writer’s portfolio is the collection of the author’s most significant work, which is then enclosed in a document and presented to potential employers or clients. When working as a freelancer, customers may often need to see a portfolio of evidence of previous work; if you can provide these items, you will instill trust in your client.

In addition, having a collection of papers as a sample of work rather than a single document is much preferable since there is more room for adaptability, diversity in thinking, and pertinent topics that would be brought to the forefront.

There are many freelance content writers who are readily able to make a monthly salary in the six-figure range.

Affiliate Marketing

MacBook Pro near white open book

Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable methods for generating money, whether you do it on your website or via a profile on a social networking platform. If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, check out this article.

You are responsible for making recommendations on products sold by certain businesses. You will receive a commission if someone clicks on your link and then goes on to make a purchase or join up for the service.

This indicates that after you have established the connections and built up sufficient traffic, it will become passive revenue for you. This is because individuals may continue to visit your website, click your links, and make money even when you are not actively working on it.

However, some technique is involved; if you throw some links onto a website and expect people to click on them, they won’t. You must practice effective affiliate marketing if you want to make a significant amount of money using this method.

Because of this, we strongly suggest gaining knowledge from a person already successful in affiliate marketing and making much more than $500 per month from their efforts.


As a result, many believe that blogging refers to people who use their blogs in the same way as a personal notebook and write about everything and everything that comes to mind.

Then then, it’s been a long time since then. In contrast, running a blog is quite similar to running a website like this one, and it has the potential to pay off handsomely.

Even if you’re wondering how to make $500 a month blogging, it’s not the best place to focus your efforts. There are a large number of bloggers that generate six-figure incomes from their blogs without any work.

Are you thinking of starting a blog to earn money?

That was a great choice! This method has several advantages, including that it costs less than $3 each month—less than a cup of coffee!

In truth, this is the cost you’ll get if you start your website with a respected host site, which should be your top choice for the most effective website host ideal for beginners. With this strategy, a free domain name may be yours, and you don’t need to know anything about technology to get started.


You’re likely trying to find a one-time solution to make an extra $500 per month so that you can afford anything you need to buy right now.

Additionally, it’s feasible that you’d want to incorporate this figure in your monthly budget to lessen the stress, reduce your debt, or begin working toward other financial goals.

So, there are undoubtedly many different and easy ways to earn an extra $500 throughout your lifetime. As you can see from this list, the most important thing is to use your skills and resources, even if it means starting a side company.

You’ll be well on increasing your current income significantly if you complete this task.



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