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Embrace it! We all have thought about becoming a millionaire one day. I mean, who doesn’t want to live in a mansion, own a personal cottage along with Rolls Royce’s and private jets looking straight-up like a Louis Vuitton model. Of course, we want to be happy and have peace of mind but the idea to afford all the expensive things in the world is enthralling, at least to me. However, having jobs that make us a millionaire doesn’t come in handy by just wishing for it. You need to work hard and be prepared to invest your time (a lot of it).

So here is a list of 9 jobs that pay over 500k a year . Here’s how your dream of becoming a millionaire can be fulfilled within a few years.

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Plastic Surgeon\Doctors

It’s true! Doctors and surgeons are the highest-paid people globally because of the precise nature of their jobs. Being a doctor requires you to dedicate ten and sometimes even more years of your life, and it’s a ton of investment, but hey, in the end, it pays well. Doctors, especially neurologists, cardiologists, gynecologists, anesthesiologists, and dentists, earn really well. Moreover, with the cosmetic industry on a boom, plastic surgeons are bathing with money because safe to say that the demand for plastic surgeons is more than ever today and will keep on rising. However, you need to be interested in this field; otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to stay on the top of your field because of the stress and overtime hours (especially at the start).

Side Tip:

If you are not a troglodyte, you might have heard about the Dr. Handsome of the internet, and yes, I am talking about none other than Dr. Mikhail Varshavski, famously known as Dr. Mike. According to sources on the internet, our favorite doctor has a net worth of more than a million dollars per year. He is also a YouTuber. By the way, if you are a med student or a doctor who has just started and if you like interacting with people or have a remote interest in social media, then our advice to you would be to start documenting your journey on the internet. You can write blogs or make YouTube videos. We suggest you do this because YouTube is also a great source of earning. If you are documenting your Med- journey from the start, you can help different people worldwide and learn from your documented journey, and yea, a little money to pay those student loans never hurts. Doctorly, Ali Abdal (former med student), Dr. Anthony Youn, a plastic surgeon, is the Dr. popular on TikTok and gram. You can check out more channels if you are interested and start working on your road to becoming a millionaire. (By the way, I just wished that at least one of them had sponsored this blog.)

Software Developers

Is it even a surprise that software development is number 2 on our list in our tech-savvy world? One of those jobs can make riche rich without even a degree. All you need is to be interested in coding. You can learn it within a year. The good thing is that even interns at big companies like Google or Facebook can earn 5-figure salaries, but of course, your goal is to make more than $500K a year, so you need to strive to become better in your field, and in some years you can earn 500k a year easily.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Trust me, we all have thought about being a CEO. How many times you have looked at Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and Warren Buffet and wondered, “how much money does this guy makes” at least I have. So a CEO’s responsibilities range from implementing business strategies to improving the business and much more. If you are into business and leadership and loves solving various problems along with a desire to earn that $500k salary a year, this might be well-suited to you. Although, keep in mind that you need to invest more than ten years of your life in becoming a CEO. Nothing comes easy and not that $500k a year without keeping good relations with people as well as being focused on your million-dollar job (pun intended). A CEO’s salary ranges from $250k to $750k a year.


I haven’t watched so many lawyer movies, but watching Devil’s Advocate and reading John Grisham’s novels made me wish that I was a lawyer who knew lawyers could also become a millionaire. Medical lawyers, corporate lawyers, and tax attorneys are some of the most prosperous lawyers. Companies like Johnson and Johnson are getting sued all the time, which benefits medical lawyers a lot. Being a lawyer requires you to have a law degree from any reputable school (of course, unless you are Mike Ross from SUITS), be attentive to small details, and try to work on your personality and negotiation skills.

Real-estate agents

We all know that real estate development is one of the most lucrative jobs out there. You don’t even need a degree, but excellent communication skills/negotiation skills can open several doors for you. You can start working on your profile under some good agent, or you can buy a bunch of small properties on leverage money and then rent them out or sell them, or you can sell millions of dollars worth of property and become a millionaire. The good thing about this job is that you would be looking at a lot of pretty houses, it’s flexible, and if you love talking to people, you will be meeting a lot of them, so start with whatever money you own and get Richie rich.

My favorite person to seek real-estate advice would be Graham Stephen on YouTube, so you can check him out but better to seek actual experience because that’s the only way you will get the hang of your craft. Again not sponsored!

Professional Athletes

Is it even a hidden fact anymore that when Cristiano Ronaldo chose water instead of Coke in a press conference, Coke lost $4 billion worth of capital? That’s the power athletes have over the world, and obviously, they make more than $500k a year. If you are willing to be the best in the sports that interest you and keep up your game, you can become one of the world’s top-ranking athletes. Then with brand endorsements and prize money, you be will become a millionaire. Of course, it requires perseverance, a lot of commitment, and a little luck.


Just by hearing the word itself, a mental picture of a stupid amount of money with private jets and luxury cars comes to our minds. Acting is one job you can do without any degree or particular skill set. All you need is to be in love with the craft, entertain others, and express emotions well; then, this is the job for you. Being an actor is not as easy as it sounds. You need to move to LA, give countless auditions every day, make connections in the industry, and only then, if you are lucky enough, you will get your breakthrough. Brand endorsements and collaborations with Netflix, Amazon, and Hollywood will make you one of those famous millionaires out there. The downside can be paparazzi stalking every move of your life and that you need a lot more friendship with luck to sustain your job.

Investment Banker

If you are anything like me, just hearing the word banker translates into ‘eh, boring’ in your mind. Albeit investment bankers make a shit load of money. They work long, crazy hours, mostly more than 80 hours per work.

Being a managing director (MD) at investment banks takes more than 10-15 years. Investment banks facilitate companies to go public in a stock market; they take a small percentage of every deal they make, which accumulates into colossal wealth. Being an MD kind of sucks because you are directly responsible for bringing more money to the bank. You are answerable to tons of people. You should work on your communication skills because you will interact with many people. If money is your goal, you can consider this path. Otherwise, being an investment banker doesn’t guarantee a chill life. A managing director’s salary is usually more than $500k per year.


Entrepreneurship is definitely a lucrative business out there. You can produce, develop and sell your idea to make profits out of it. Jeff Bezos had the idea of creating something like Amazon and changed the course of the world.

Although being an entrepreneur is not a piece of cake. If you want to have a million-dollar job, keep in mind that you would be working a lot, especially at the start, and not every idea will succeed.  But, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing your vision turning into a business everyone can benefit from. If you are into it, then don’t worry. You will earn more than $500k a year easily.


If you like being in charge and knowing your shit completely, then this one is for you. A consultant is an expert or a specialist that helps organizations solve various problems. Let’s assume a company is not making the money they used to make for some time now. So they hire you. As a consultant, you will study and analyze their past data and implement strategies to change their current situation. Usually, only big companies can afford a consultant so you will be solving different problems with mostly people in suits. If you are a problem solver and can work for insane hours for months, then this is the job that can make you a millionaire. So be really best in whatever corporate area you choose and let solving problems become manageable.


Having a job that can make you rich is easy, only if your life goal is to earn wealth and you are willing to sacrifice a lot, like sleep, rest, and at times even peace of mind. Moreover, if you commit to saving investing money, you would reach from having a millionaire job to providing millionaire jobs in no time.



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