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The Most Expensive Funko Pops 2022

Funko Pops are vinyl figures manufactured by Funko Inc., a Washington-based firm. The business was founded in 2011. Funko Pops are based on popular characters from video games, television shows, literature, music, and blockbuster movies. Furthermore, they are composed of high-quality Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and are meticulously painted. They seem comical, having a little body and a large head.


And these pop culture action figurines are both adorable and sturdy. They are quickly becoming the most popular collectible on the market. Here are some of the world’s most valued (and pricey) Funko Pops.

1. Alex DeLarge Funko Clockwork Orange


$13,300 is the estimated value.


With an estimated price of $13,300, Alex DeLarge Clockwork Orange is the most expensive Funko Pop Vinyl in the world.


It comes in a window display box and measures 3 3/4′′ tall. This Funko Pop figure was auctioned on eBay for $13,000 in 2017 and 2016. A Clockwork Orange’s protagonist and narrator is Alex DeLarge.


A Clockwork Orange is based on Anthony Burgess’ novel of the same name. Stanley Kubrick directed and produced the 1971 crime picture. The film employs horrific imagery to remark on teenage gangs, juvenile criminality, and psychiatry in the United Kingdom.


The main character, Alex, is an antisocial individual who enjoys committing ultraviolence and listening to classical music. While Alex is hostile to everyone, his charisma and personality make him a cult classic favourite.


Furthermore, the employment of aversion therapy and violence in this film drew both criticism and admiration.

2.Jaime Lannister Funko Freddy Pop


$9,310 is the estimated value.


If you like Game of Thrones, you’ll enjoy this Funko Pop Vinyl figurine. This action figure has previously been offered on eBay for $13,500.


This vinyl figurine depicts Jamie Lannister, a fictitious character from the HBO series Game of Thrones.


He is the son of Tywin Lannister, the former Hand of the King and a powerful and wealthy man. He is also a Knight of the Kingsguard. Although Jaime looks to be unethical and immoral at first, he subsequently reveals himself to be lot more nice and respectable. Critics and viewers of Game of Thrones have appreciated Jamie’s rich character development.


This Funko Pop figurine is ideal for displaying on a shelf or desk.

3. Funko Pop Dumbo (Clown)


$7,430 is the estimated value.


The third most valued Funko pop on our list is the Dumbo Clown. It first appeared at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con. Based on previous sales, this Pop Vinyl figure is worth $7,430.


Funko Pop! Dumbo (Clown) Vinyl is inspired on a scene in the film Dumbo in which a newborn elephant is forced to amuse people at a circus while disguised as a clown.

The animated film Dumbo was created by Walt Disney Productions. The picture was first seen in 1941. Jumbo Jr., a little elephant nicknamed Dumbo, is the primary character. The adorable little elephant is criticised for his giant ears, yet he can fly by utilising his enormous ears as wings.

4. Stan Lee Autographed Funko Pops


$6,100 is the estimated value.


Stan Lee has hand-signed this Funko Pop. It’d make an excellent addition to your Funko Pop collection. Lee was a book author, editor, and producer from the United States. He was also a Marvel Comics publisher.


Many iconic fictional characters, including Doctor Strange, Black Panther, the Fantastic Four, the Hulk, and Iron Man, were co-created by Lee with illustrators Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby. The author from the United States developed realistic and meaningful superheroes.

5. Boba Fett Pop! Vinyl


$3,990 is the estimated value.


The Boba Fett Funko pop comes in a bright and eye-catching display box. It’ll look fantastic on your desk.This Funko Pop figure debuted at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con, and just 24 of these bounty hunters were made.


Boba Fett was a fictitious character in George Lucas’ Star Wars saga. He is well-known for never taking off his helmet and speaking in hushed tones. Boba Fett was one of the Galaxy’s most deadly bounty hunters, because to his lethal weapons and Mandalorian armour. Aside from that, Fett is a genetic clone of his father, the well-known Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett. He learned warfare and martial arts at an early age.

6. Tony Stark Pop! Vinyl


$3,500 is the estimated value.


This Funko Pop was first unveiled at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con.


Tony Stark is well known as Iron Man. He was a wealthy, philanthropist, and brilliant scientist. Tony was the former CEO of Stark Industries and a founder and leading member of The Avengers, a superhero team.


7.Ghost Rider Funko Pop 


$3,390 is the estimated value.


Ghost Rider is seventh on our ranking of the most expensive Funko Pops. It first appeared at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con. A few years later, this action figure was auctioned for $5,600. Ghost Rider Funko Pop, on the other hand, is believed to be worth $3,390.


Ghost Rider (also known as Johnathon Blaze) is a fictional comic book superhero with abilities. These publications are produced by Marvel Comics, a comic book publishing company.


Johnny Blaze is a motorbike racer who becomes the Ghost Rider after selling his soul to the Devil to save his surrogate father’s life. As the Ghost Rider, he pursues vengeance using his otherworldly abilities.


8.Arlia Vegeta, Planet 


$3,120 is the estimated value.


Planet Arlia Vegeta is ranked eighth among the most expensive Funko Pops.


Planet Arlia Vegeta was initially unveiled during the 2014 New York Comic-Con. It’s a lovely spin on the Dragon Ball Z franchise’s most adored character. Fans of Dragon Ball Z will undoubtedly like this Funko pop. Collectors say Planet Arlia Vegeta is one of the most difficult Funko Pop Vinyls to locate. This Funko pop’s average price is roughly $3,120.

9. Freddy Funko Pop Buzz Lightyear (GITD)


$3,050 is the estimated value.


The cute astronaut Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story movies inspired this Funko Pop.It made its premiere exclusively at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con.


In the Toy Story films, Buzz Lightyear is a superhero toy. He is an amazing man and a space ranger on a quest to preserve the cosmos. In fact, the big boy is a prominent character in all of the Toy Story films.


This Funko Pop will undoubtedly appeal to collectors and admirers of all ages.

10.Darth Maul Holographic Funko Pop


$3,020 is the estimated value.


Darth Maul is tenth on our ranking of the most expensive Funko Pops.


Darth Maul is a Star Wars character represented by this Funko Pop. This Pop Vinyl figurine debuted exclusively at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, and only 480 were made. Darth Maul Funko Pop is currently worth roughly $3,020 on average.

Darth Maul is a terrifying fighter in the Star Wars animated world. He is a skilled sabre fighter who can wield a lightsaber, an energy blade that can cut through practically anything.

11.Boba Fett  Funko Pop! (Red Hair)


$3,120 is the estimated value.


The most costly Boba Fett Funko Pop is the Freddy Funko. Hot Topic designed it, and it first appeared in their stores in 2009.


This is a highly rare and limited edition figurine that was produced in very limited quantities. It was actually solely made to honour the 20th anniversary of Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. It is a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive.


12.Mickey Mouse in the role of Steamboat Willie


$1,140 is the estimated value.


This Mickey Mouse Funko Pop is inspired by the Steamboat Willie animation. It debuted at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, and only 480 of these Pop Vinyl figurines were made. This amount is currently worth roughly $3,120 on average.


13.SDCC 2019 Red Sith Trooper Funko Pop


$1,500 is the estimated value.


The Sith Trooper is a kind of soldier in Star Wars. These are formidable warriors who frequently support the evil side of the Force. This amount is currently worth roughly $1,500 on average.

14. The Purple Haze Hendrix, Jimi (Metallic) Pop! Vinyl


$3,080 is the estimated value.


The Jimi Hendrix Pop Vinyl figure is modelled after the legendary rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix. This Funko Pop figure was introduced in 2014, and it has appeared on several times since then. This amount is currently worth roughly $3,080 on average.


 15.Freddy Funko Frankenberry (Glow-in-the-Dark Version)


$4,400 is the estimated value.


Some of you may recall Frankenberry Cereal, which was a breakfast cereal popular in the 1980s. This cereal mascot inspired the name of the Funko Pop figure, which was launched in 2011.

Where Can You Buy Funko Pop?


Funko Pop figurines are available in a variety of stores. However, here are a few of the best:


Funko Official Website – As the official Funko store, it offers a broad variety of Pops for purchase. During Funko Funday, you may also take advantage of their unique deal.


eBay – You can buy Funko Pops from a variety of sellers on eBay. Others are better than others, and some have very low delivery costs and other advantages.


Amazon – You can buy Funko Pops in a variety of places on Amazon. I prefer to get Funko Pops from Amazon since they generally offer the greatest prices and delivery costs.


Disney Store – If you love Disney, you’ll enjoy the Funko Pop figurines offered at the Disney Store. These are typically less expensive than many other locations, and they have some extremely amazing new releases every year.


Toy Tokyo – Toy Tokyo is a Japanese toy store that runs the website. The majority of the company’s products are Funko Pops and figurines. Toy Tokyo also has a large collection of other toys, including Disney, Hot Wheels, Lego, Bandai, Playmobil, and others.

How Do You Sell Funko Pops?


You could have came upon a rare Funko Pop figurine if you’re a collector. This is due to the fact that Funko has been producing these kind of figures for quite some time. It is also not unusual to see someone selling their most valuable Funko Pops collection for a high price.


It’s not always simple to locate a buyer for your rare Pops because there are so many collectors out there that want to acquire one. You could be amazed how much someone will pay for your unusual figure, especially if you’re asking $100 or more. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on these Pops, selling them online can be your best option.


1. Determine your product prices and transportation costs:


This is most likely the most crucial step in selling your Funko Pop figurines! Your item’s pricing directly determines how much money you make when it sells!


The easiest strategy to calculate your prices is to look at other sellers on eBay that have comparable things to yours and compare their prices.

2. Determine how you want your things shipped:


If you are shipping your things yourself, it is critical that you research shipping charges in your location before deciding on a pricing for your items.


When deciding on a pricing for your Funko Pop figurines, be sure that there is enough money left over after all of the other fees have been deducted to pay the cost of shipping!


If you have a multi-figure item and need to pay a modest cost for each extra figure, make sure this fee is stated on eBay and properly described in your description!

3. Inclusion:


You’re ready to market your grail collection on eBay after you’ve decided on a price for your Funko Pop figurines and how they’ll be dispatched!




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